How To Make A Sale Today Without Cold Calling or Door Knocking

Posted on February 11, 2020

Ryan Stewman



I’ll consider the fact that you’re here reading this means you need to make a sale and make it fast. I get it. Working in commission-based selling can put a lot of pressure on a fella.


You need money and you need it fast. The fastest way to get money is to make a sale. The fastest way to make a sale is to find a prospect. The fastest place to find a prospect is on social media. I’m gonna lay out a plan that will get you a sale by the end of the day.


First off, let me rid you of the bullshit excuse that so many salespeople use In their heads when they read what I’m about to tell you. Your prospects are online. They are on social media and they do get active and engage. To think otherwise is simply foolish.


Every day I get a salesperson who says “that sounds great Ryan but my prospects aren’t on Facebook” which is just stupid considering there are 244 million active monthly users on Facebook in America. The numbers don’t lie. Your self-doubts and inability to just take action will lie to you though. Your prospects ARE on Facebook and they log in often.


The key to making a sale today is locating where on Facebook they are and knowing what you can offer them to get a sale fast. Just because they don’t post daily or like your posts don’t mean they don’t scroll, read and consume content on Facebook.


How To Make A Sale Today Without Cold Calling or Door Knocking


I’m gonna help you locate your prospects, send them an offer and close them down with lighting quick speed. In order to do so, you need to know who your prospects are. If you don’t know who you’re selling to you won’t be able to sell anything.


Let’s say you sell medical devices to doctors. What kind of doctors buys your device? Is it neurologists? Chiropractors? Plastic surgeons? Orthopedics? Once you know who you are selling to, we can find them.


The way to find them is when Google. Go to Google and type in the type of doctor you plan to sell to. Once you find their website then go to their social media icons and click Facebook. If for some reason they don’t have social media, go on to the next doctor’s website until you find one that has Facebook icons.


Once you find their Facebook business page go like their posts and leave a few comments. You can even slide in their DMs. You can also find their personal Facebook page the same way. Like their posts. Leave a few comments. Even send a DM.


You’re simply making them aware of your presence. You’re not sending direct offers you’re sending messages that are relatable and likable.


Don’t be a creep. Don’t be a spammer. 


Repeat this process like 20 times. You can do it in less than an hour. Out of 20 doctors, there will be at least 1-2 who respond to your comments on their post or your DMs.


This is where the magic starts to happen. You gotta treat their responses like a real live conversation. You get to know them. You offer to help them. You deliver knowledge and value.


From there, once rapport is built you either make an offer to buy your product or at the very least to set a face to face meeting for a product demonstration. The same sales and communication skills you rely on in the real world work on Facebook too.


Follow this process and repeat it daily and you’ll not only close sales daily, you’ll create a pipeline of leads and sale that never ends. If you’d like more information like this and an even faster way to get leads online, sign up for a free trial of PhoneSites by going to you’ll be swimming in leads in no time.

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