How To Make An Impact In Your Community

Posted on September 08, 2021

Ryan Stewman



How do you get involved, give back, and make an impact in your community?

A new generation of entrepreneurs have found a way.

Social entrepreneurs are making their way into communities all around the world, planting roots, building relationships, and being good stewards of their financial resources while doing so. In this blog post I will discuss how community involvement is not just about giving money but also time and energy.

Do you think it is important to grow not only your business but your community as well?

As a socially conscious entrepreneur, community involvement is crucial to not only the success of your company but also for the community.

Connecting with people in person is more important now than ever before. In a world of social media in which interactions, although very impactful, are seldom as personal as connecting in your physical community. As entrepreneurs, we know business isn’t just about profits; it’s also about growth of our employees and communities that help make them better places. We have a responsibility to help those we serve through our products and services. Many new entrepreneurs find that although important, financial success doesn’t always lead to personal fulfillment, to me that comes from giving back.

We should be good stewards of these communities that support us by giving back when we can.


In this community, there are a few ways that social entrepreneurs give back for the support they get from their home base. I’ve been getting involved with some of these events and giving my time to make sure everything runs smoothly while connecting with people in person more than ever before because connections don’t happen as easily online now like they used to. With any luck, we can all come together and build up our hometowns–not only by starting businesses but also through volunteering at various organizations so everyone has equal opportunities no matter where you live or what your socioeconomic status might be!

The best way to build a successful company is by having an engaged and loyal community.

At the end of the day, we want people who are passionate about what they do for their profession; entrepreneurs that can’t wait to get started on work in the morning because they love what they do.

I have served on many non for profit organizations boards and committees for local events. I can tell you with 100% certainty that we can never have enough volunteers. Often businesses will donate financially, which is always greatly appreciated, but what is often lacking is hands-on volunteers.

What are some ways that I can give back in my community?

Here are a few ideas:

– Sponsor local events like our local Chamber of Commerce’s “Sparks in the Park” 4th of July festival with free food, drinks, music etc., or participate in fundraising campaigns for local schools and charities. Your contributions go so much further than just one day – it helps keep these projects going all year long (or longer)!

– Allow employees company sponsored days off from work by volunteering at different community organizations.I know of a local bank that does a community clean up day on a bank holiday (Columbus Day) every year. They find elderly or homebound citizens in town and help them with jobs they may not be able to complete on their own at their homes.

– Give paid leave to employees so they can volunteer their time as mentors for younger community members who need extra support developing skills necessary for success. This is not only good for the community member but also has been found by research studies to improve organizational performance.

-Start a back to school supply drive and help provide school supplies to those in need.

Our time as entrepreneurs is precious, I know that.

My advice is to find something you are passionate about, use that passion to volunteer and help move it forward.

People who are involved in their communities have better mental health, higher incomes, and lower levels of depression.

Giving back is a great way to improve your own wellbeing as well as that of others less fortunate than you.

There are many ways to give back within your community – find something you’re passionate about and get started today! Which charity or non-profit organization do you feel the most drawn towards?

Find it and get busy helping others.

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