How To Make Sales Via DM on Social Media

Posted on February 17, 2019

Ryan Stewman



First off, let’s get real. Spamming someone’s DMs like a selfish asshole is NOT how you make sales in the current economy. When you show up, unannounced in someone’s DMs, with a sales pitch about how THEY can buy YOUR shit, it’s rude. It’s the social media equivalent of spamming email.

No one likes spam, and no one likes BS DMs. So, STOP IT!

In this article, I’m gonna lace you up on the right way to create a relationship and sell a product via DMs. Before I can do that, I need to get clear on what you shouldn’t do. While it’s important to know what to do, it’s even more important to know what to avoid doing. First, I’m gonna lay out blatant violations of all the social skills, and I’ll end with letting you know a strategy that’s worked for me to the tune of about $8M.
Let’s think about the people who spam DMs on social media. Bitcoiners, MLMrs, people from third world countries asking for money, people from third world countries asking for jobs, people from third world countries asking to see boobs and vagine. Trust me, you don’t want your marketing efforts to get lumped in with this group. Once a prospect even remotely thinks you’re one of these people, you blow any chance you have of making a sale. This is why you want to do your best to NOT come off this way.
Stop doing these things in the DM:
-Don’t just pitch your product or send a spam link 
-Don’t straight up ask for business
-Don’t ask a random person you don’t know, if they want to go to lunch
-Don’t open with “Do you keep your options open…?”
-Don’t open with “Do you like multiple streams of income….?”
-Don’t say “I have a great business opportunity for you…”
-Don’t ask for business without giving value first
I’ve been sold hundreds of times via DM and I’ve made thousands of sales via DM, too. In order to write this article, I looked at the last 20 DMs that sold me and the last 20 DMs where I’ve sold something. I read the entire 40 threads. Some of the DM threads started years ago. Almost all of them had a common theme. On both sides of me buying and selling, there were a few things that I can point to that led to the sale eventually being closed. Let me break it down for you. 
One thing salespeople do that’s a huge mistake, is they are short on texts. Many salespeople try to text as little as possible expecting the prospect to decipher the text for what it was intended for. This cognitive dissonance is not going to serve you. You can’t type out two sentences and expect their non-informed brains to understand where you are coming from, the tone you relay and the point you are making. Rule #5 in sales is “Never Assume,” so, don’t assume the prospect will understand unless you get specific.

When you sell via DM you must explain your intentions in great detail.

I always say, “Explain it to your prospect like they are five years old.” Meaning, don’t expect them to understand or interpret anything that you did not clearly lay out for them.
But before we get to what works, you should know you can’t just hit up someone in the DM with an elaborate pitch and expect them to buy from a stranger. People buy from people they know, like and trust. Your job is to first cultivate a relationship where you’ve added enough value so that you can invite the prospect to do business with you. 
People are posting on social media to been seen and heard. They want others to read the post subject that they felt was enough to bring attention to. If you want to kill it in DM sales, I’m about to give you the game. Since people want to be heard and seen, before you can get in their DM, it’s your job to let them know you see and hear them. 
The way to do this is to comment on and like their posts. Let them know you are listening by commenting and replying with positive feedback and cool responses. After you have engaged with a prospect publicly for at least a week, you can then go into their DMs. It’s like dating a good woman, you gotta go on a couple of dates before she lets you in her home. The DM is your prospect’s home. Get to know them outside the home before you barge in. Oftentimes, using this method will get you invited to their home first. 

Once you go at their DM, lead with value.

Value may be starting up a conversation about one of their posts, something they did you liked or something related to them. People love to talk about themselves, so lead with them, not you. Start talking to them via DM about what they did, and what they are up to, etc. Eventually, they will ask you how you are, and how business is, etc. This is when you get a chance to trial close them by seeing if they are interested. From this trial close, you can decide whether you need to cultivate the relationship a little longer or if you can go ahead and make an offer. 
This strategy has made me millions many times over. Don’t discredit what you just read because of its simplicity. Remember KISS: “Keeping It Simple Sells.” The more your social media and DM skills mirror how you are in real life, the more deals you will close. 
Lastly, If you’d like to ONLY speak with leads who are ready to buy, I recommend you create a simple sales funnel using PhoneSites. Get a free trial now at 

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