How To Make Sales Working From Home Using Zoom

Posted on March 23, 2020

Ryan Stewman



In case you’re in a position where you are forced to work from home, I got you covered. I have been working from home, making millions in sales annually for almost 10 years now. I rarely meet a prospect or customer face to face.


I’m gonna break down the correlations between how to close sales in the physical world and the digital world.


For the time being, it looks like we are ALL gonna have to get good at closing sales remotely using the computer. Not to say “I told you so” but I been trying to tell you for years now, to get this shit down because it’s coming. I just didn’t know a global virus outbreak would be the reason it happened.


First off, there is no difference between closing face to face and closing online. If you try to make it different, you will only fuck the process up and lose sales. Treat them the same and you will not miss a single beat.


Many of you use cold calls, email and inbound leads to get fresh prospects in the metaphorical “door” daily. Don’t stop doing that. Set your calls up and set your appointments up the same way you’ve always done.


Once you set an appointment with the prospect you want to send them a Zoom link. If you are not familiar with Zoom, it’s a video-based web conferencing software you can use for digital face to face meetings. You can use the app on your phone, the online site or the software you install on your computer. There’s no excuse not to use it. The site to get it from is


Now here are some things you need to know when it comes to video conferencing. With Zoom, you can use video or audio. It doesn’t affect the meeting. If you are going to use your video, you might want to make sure the video camera on your computer or phone is in good working condition. If it isn’t, you can get a cheap video camera from Amazon pretty quickly. They work well.

How To Make Sales Working From Home Using Zoom

Rule #1: Dress just like you normally would for the video conference. If you wear a suit, wear a suit. If you have a uniform, wear it. Dress just like you if you were meeting face to face in your office or theirs.


Rule #2: Make sure you have a decent background. The people you video conference with won’t just see you, they will see behind you. Get in front of a blank wall or something if you have too. Don’t do the Zoom in the bathroom or in front of a weird background.

Rule #3: Don’t move around with the laptop or your phone. Get a tripod from Amazon if you plan on using your phone. You want the video to be still, be stable and be in the same place. Don’t move around.


Rule #4: Make sure the microphone on your phone or computer is in working order. If it isn’t, use headphones or AirPods to make sure you got a good mic and can hear as well. I prefer to use AirPods instead of the computer or the phone’s speakers.


Rule #5: If you use screen-sharing make sure all tabs except the ones you want to share are up. Nothing worse than porn hub tabs being up on your screen when you share it. Exit out of ever app, every tab, and every program. The only thing worse than porn is if you show you passwords or sensitive material.


Rule #6: If you have a spouse and kids, let them know not to interrupt you and that you have a meeting. This keeps you from looking like an amateur with kids rushing in or your spouse walking in naked showing the goods to your prospect.


Now that you know the rules, the close is the same process you always go through. Ask questions, show value, be cool, offer help and make the sale. Pretty simple from there.


If you are gonna work from home, be prepared. Practice setting up and sharing the Zoom screen before you actually use it. The better you get at using it the more of a professional you will seem when you do the conference. Practice and learn, don’t procrastinate and burn.


Now that you got the game, go get the sale. Best of luck out there and if you do your job right and follow what I just taught you, you won’t miss a beat.

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