Sales Hack: Overcoming Prospect Objections Within Your Sales Pitch

Posted on May 30, 2017

Ryan Stewman



When most people hear the word “pitch,” they imagine someone robbing their time, not letting them go and suffering through listening to someone who won’t STFU. Sadly, most salespeople blow sales pitches worse than Chipotle makes you blow up a toilet.

A sales pitch is not a one-way conversation.

Salespeople have this false illusion that a pitch is all them talking. Problem with this approach is that the prospect is aware of when they are being pitched. If it feels like a pitch, and they aren’t ready to hear it, it will go in one ear and out the other. When you finally get the ear of a good prospect, the last thing you want them to do is ignore you.


If you’re going to pitch someone, it better not just be for the sake of pitching. It should be for the sake of closing a sale. That’s the intention of this article as well. While you might find some of the instructions which are to follow very simple, don’t knock the power of the secret that’s about to be shared with you.


I don’t know how long you’ve been in sales, but if you’ve been in for at least a year, you know the usual objections the client dishes out. I call these “universal objections.” These are the objections that will always apply no matter what you sell. Regardless of your price/product, you’ll always hear them.


The objections you get that aren’t universal and are specific to your product/service are called “situational objections.” These are the objections that vary from job to job. They are unique to the niche you serve, but they come up from your prospects often.


Take the time to do the ultimate objection handling exercise and write down all the universal and situational objections you can think of. List them all out. Every single one.


Universal Objections:
-No money
-Talk to the partner/spouse
-Shop around
-Time crunch


Situational Objections:
-Specific to your product
-Wants the mechanics
-Is well-educated on your product
-Is unique to the industry you serve


After you’ve listed them all off, write a number next to them in the order they come up the most. In other words, if you ALWAYS get the money objection, put #1 next to it, and if you never hear them mention a spouse/partner put #10+ next to it. Count the number of objections, then number them (#1 being the most frequent and so on.)


Let me give you a live example here. I’ll explain and work it into my own sales pitch so you can see the process unfold. Oftentimes, I get the money objection. Even though my mastermind is only $297/month, I still get the money objection. I’ll list out some of the objections I hear all the time.


My Top 5 Objections
-I can’t afford it
-I don’t have the time
-It won’t work for my industry
-I don’t have any tech skills
-I need to ask my boss to pay for it


Now that I have some of my objections written out, (you need to list ALL yours; I used my top five to save us both time), I need to create a scripted conversation that works these objections and their rebuttals into the conversation casually. Remember, the best salespeople don’t seem like they are selling you.

Here’s the example closing script using my top five objections.

“For less than $8/day and less than 30 minutes a week, you can learn, create and master funnels by utilizing easy-to-use technology, even if you’ve never built a website in your life. The program is completely tax deductible so you can expense it right to the IRS instead of having to wait on corporate to clear it. All I need is the credit card you want to put the payments on or you can go to and do it yourself.”


See how I worked all five objections into my closing script? This allows me to take a lot of resistance and questions out of the equation. By the time I ask them for payment, I’ve answered their five biggest questions and handled the five biggest objections they were gonna throw my way. And I did all this in 10 minutes (real-time.) Imagine if you spent just an hour scripting all this out with a co-worker. Do it now!


Lastly, share this with another salesperson. Put it on social media, in an email and on LinkedIn. If you’d like my personal help for less than $10/day, join our mastermind at

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