How To Put Your Lead Gen and Follow-Up on Auto-Pilot

Posted on August 02, 2018

Ryan Stewman



For years I’ve been saying that robots will replace a lot of the salesforce. After all, robots don’t need breaks; they answer calls and emails 24/7 without sleeping and they don’t have problems at home or addictions to fighting.

Honestly, robots are everything we aren’t, reliable. 

Instead of running from robot technology, the key in this modern era of marketing and sales is to embrace the technology and put it to work for yourself. 
Those who embrace technology and lead gen will have jobs in sales long into the future. The future of sales is the sales professional who can generate leads, implement technology and close sales. I’ve been at this for over 10 years now. I’ve gone from making $300K a year in sales to multi-millions per month in sales. The difference is in how I use technology. 
  • You can’t make every call
  • You can’t knock every door
  • You can’t meet everyone face to face
  • You can’t remember to send every email
  • But robots and automation can
Let’s start with lead gen. The most powerful salespeople can generate their own leads and close sales from those leads. Most salespeople can’t generate leads to save their life. They think cold calling strangers and bothering people is lead gen. Newsflash: IT’S NOT! 

Lead gen starts with marketing and advertising.

The difference is that advertising is paid marketing. Marketing is the asset that urges people to make a decision. Advertising puts marketing in front of as many people as possible. Advertising is the exchange of money for exposure. You pay a platform to put your marketing piece in front of people in the platform’s network. There’s no need to complicate it; that’s all it is. 

If you’re running Facebook ads for $20/day, that $20/day is doing the marketing for you.

The leads that come in from the ad, are the leads you call. The ones you can’t close need to go into automated follow up. 
Follow-up starts by reverse engineering the buyer process from start to finish. In other words, you need to write 5-10 emails, record 1-3 voicemails and set up chatbots for your FB pages. You also need a phone follow-up plan (you can do this with Slydial since most calls go unanswered anyway). 
Set up the auto-emails in your CRM or auto-responder. Use Twilio for auto text messages and Slybroadcast for mass voicemails. Take the time, and set these up exactly how you are manually doing follow-up. Just because a robot’s doing the work, doesn’t mean the client has to know your secret. The idea is to make it seem as if you took the time to reach out and follow up. 
You have to put your lead gen and follow-up on auto-pilot if you want to grow. You, as a human, can only do so much manual labor. Sales is a numbers game and the key to hitting big numbers is leveraging technology. Stop running from the robots and put them to work for you. 
One way to help generate the leads you want so you can run ads and follow-up on auto-pilot is to use a software called PhoneSites. With PhoneSites, you can create a sales funnel that collects information, that you can also run ads to in under 5 minutes, without any prior tech skills or training. It’s the perfect place for sales pros like you to get started on automating your lead gen process. Get a FREE trial of PhoneSites and see an entire training and demo at 

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