How To Rid Your Life of Flaky Prospects and Only Work With Committed Buyers [Video]

Posted on December 29, 2015

Ryan Stewman



I can already assure many of you reading this, that I WILL in fact piss you off as you read this. I’m about to tell it to you like no one has told you before. I’m about to point out something that no manager, coach or mentor has ever told you. It’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna piss you off. It’s going to be your choice what you do after. 
Now, with that disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about sales. More importantly, let’s talk about life and how it relates to sales. Life, much like sales, is one of the things where you get out of it what you put into it. Another funny thing about life is that you attract what you are. This, is where the problem lies for most people in sales.
You attract what you are. It’s universal in every relationship. You hang around friends that think like you do. You’re most comfortable with prospects that are just like you. The problem with the previous sentence is that if you’re fake, you attract fake people. Yes, even when it comes to prospects. 
In the past year, I’ve personally conducted over 800 strategy sessions  and discovery calls with salespeople. I can wholeheartedly say that 100 percent of the time when the prospect arrived to the phone and bullsh!tted me, their problem was with people bullsh!tting them.

You attract what you are.

When I’m doing sales calls with potential clients, I already have a good deal of intel before I get on the phone. The first thing I’m trying to do on the call is to gauge the prospect and see if they are a kangaroo/tire kicker. It never fails. When a prospect tells me: “I’m just having a hard time getting prospects to commit,” I’m about to have the same problem with THEM.
The way our brains are wired is weird. Our brains actually seek out people and ideals that enforce our beliefs. Your brain will continually search for people and statements it agrees with. By contrast, you’ll also naturally distance yourself from people and statements that differ from your beliefs. 
This can be a good thing, but considering that only 20 percent of salespeople see any kind of real success, that’s not often the case. Here’s what’s going to piss you off. You ready? 

If you’re not making sales due to kangaroo prospects, it’s because YOU are a kangaroo.

First off, a kangaroo, for you new people, is a prospect who refuses to buy. You know, kangaroos’ arms are too short to reach in their back pockets where their wallets are. They are also always trying to stuff free sh!t in their pouch.  In other words, a kangaroo is a prospect who won’t buy, is full of excuses and is a time waster.
The law of attraction is universal. If you’re attracting kangaroos in your business, it’s because you need to take a good look in the mirror. Some serious self-inventory from time to time is a good thing. Oftentimes, we don’t realize how we are behaving until someone else points it out. Most of the time it makes us mad, but if taken well, outside critique can serve you well.
I’m not trying to call you a kangaroo. What I’m doing though is asking you to take a self-inspection and just explore the fact that you might be. If your prospects don’t buy from you and they waste your time, it’s because your buying habits match theirs. 

If you give out a bunch of NOs you can expect to get back a bunch of NOs in return.

Think about this. As a salesman, I hate when people tell me “no.” In turn, I do my part to tell as few people as possible “no.” It’s the law of attraction. If I’m always trying to get a “yes” out of others but I’m always giving a “no” to others, I’m going to get out, exactly what I give: a lot of NOs.
You can call me hokey, dumb or whatever, but look around. If you’re bullsh!tting people on committing, there’s a 99 percent chance you have prospects doing the same to you. Your lack of willingness to commit shines off on the marketplace and attracts those who are very similar in thinking to you. Law of attraction 101 and I’m not even into that kinda stuff. It just makes clear sense. 
Now that you are aware of the potential problem that exists in your life, let’s explore how to cure you of this ailment. If you know that being flaky and trying to get bottom dollar for everything you buy in life is affecting you, it’s time to change it. Now, I’m not suggesting you foolishly blow your money and never say “NO.” This isn’t the movie Yes Man
I’m suggesting that you change your mindset. Adopting an abundance mindset is the first step you need to take. Knowing that you have enough to give, changes how your brain operates and what you attract to it. Your mind is constantly looking for statements and people to agree with. When you adopt an abundance mindset, you’ll find your brain searching and attracting others with the same mentality.

It can’t be fixed overnight but it can be fixed in a month.

The first step is to let others win, too. When I do anything, I want everyone involved to win or I don’t do it. I know a guy who trades cars. He’d double charge his mom to make a buck. Yet every time I see him, he’s dealing with mad clients, returned cars and damn near every dollar he makes he ends up spending to keep the client. The people he’s constantly selling to are just as shady as he is.
Let’s take me for example, when I encounter a salesman I always make sure we both win. This almost always gets me the best deal AND the best service. In turn, when someone buys from me, I do the exact same. I ONLY work with awesome people who make quick decisions because that’s how I am. Especially the awesome part :-)
Adopt the mindset of the person you want business from. If you’ve got a kangaroo problem now, figure out the contrast between kangaroos and whales. Think like a whale. Act like a whale. Look to connect with other whales. Before long, your life will be full of whales. Because you went looking for them. 
To be clear, I’m not talking about changing your mindset and waiting for prospects to come your way. I’m talking about changing your mindset and actively searching for people to do business with who have the same mindset. 

The real reason your prospects keep throwing objections at you stems from a confidence problem.

If you are trying to convince a flaky prospect, that you attracted, to make a decision, and you’re a flaky person who doesn’t make decisions, the prospect feels the energy from your confidence levels decreasing. Confidence is the key ingredient to closing sales. Without confidence, you can’t close. The only people who can close without confidence are psychopaths who’ll lie and say anything to make a buck. 
When your actions line up with your words, confidence comes into play. You know you are right because you’re not asking your prospects to do something you wouldn’t do. Make a fast decision that benefits them. If you ensure everyone involved wins, they will trust you to make a profit and make them happy. It’s not that hard. 

When you become a committed buyer you attract other committed buyers. 

Maybe after reading this, you’re still mad at me for calling you a kangaroo. If so, you seriously need to watch the actions of your next five prospects and also how you make the next five mid-level to high-level purchases. I’d wager you’ll find a lot of similarities. 
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