How To Sell Sh*t No One Wants To Buy

Posted on January 16, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Now calm down, I’m not here to teach people how to be snake oil salesmen. When I say sh*t no one wants, I’m referring to things like insurance, mortgages, merchant services and other commodity-type products. For example, no one, and I mean no one, wants insurance. What they want is peace of mind and to obey the law. No one wants insurance. But everyone has to buy it.
When everyone is forced to buy something, the market quickly races to the bottom. Most vendors assume the cheapest is what the marketplace will demand. The real demand is not the lowest price but the sanity of being legal.

They want the peace of mind for their health issues at a price that will not drive them to bankruptcy. 

When you’re selling something people MUST have, the emotions are gone. When emotions are gone, most salespeople assume price is the closing focus. This is rarely the case in the mind of the prospect. The prospect is price conscious, but they are also conscious of good service, confidence in proposed results and many other factors that come into play when you’re selling sh*t no one wants to buy.
Let’s break down the mind of your prospect:
Why would they need your product? Most salespeople fail to get inside the mind of their prospect. Anytime I’m selling something, I put myself through the same process my prospects will go through and I go through that same experience. If my company is a call center, I call. If my leads come from a funnel with auto-responders, I opt in. I want to experience what my customer experiences so I can gain their mindset.
As I go through the same process they endure, I ask myself what the good parts were and what could be improved. I also do this with my competitors’ funnels and processes. I want to know where I measure up as well. If I say my service is the best, I’m going to make damn sure it is.
What would trigger them to buy from you? No one wakes up in the middle of the night and says, “We need a mortgage.” What they say is: “We need to find a way to pay off this painful debt we’re incurring,” or they talk about a need that’s more pressing, but that can be taken care of by taking out a mortgage. You need to understand why they need what you sell, not just the fact that they need it. When you go above and beyond a prospect’s needs, you close a sale. 
In order to go above and beyond their needs, you first need to uncover and identify their needs. The best way I know to do this is by asking questions. Ask the questions that will lead the prospect into telling you what triggered them into reaching out. You can’t assume, you must ask. It’s the only way. 
What result does your product produce for them? Using the insurance example, your product doesn’t produce insurance for them, it produces the peace of mind they won’t go to jail or lose their ass in case of an accident. You sell assurance more than insurance. Sell the result, not the product. I can’t stress to you how important this is to your success. People don’t buy products, they buy results produced by products. 
Make a list of the benefits and results you can provide for your clients. All of them. Then mark next to them the order of importance based on how often you are asked about each one. These are the results you need to focus on selling to your prospects instead of the products.

Sell what the prospect wants, deliver what they need. 

If you’re looking for not just sales help but lead generation and prospecting help, I got your back. I believe you don’t have a sales problem, you have a “lack of qualified leads” problem. I can help you solve both. Send me a message on Facebook using this link I’ll reply with a secret video that will show you how to generate your own sales leads. 

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