How To Set a Sales Call Appointment [Video]

Posted on August 17, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Most salespeople fuck up the first step of the sales process by trying to set a sales appointment in the wrong way. 


They say things like “I’d love to sit down and explain how my product can help you do X” which to a rookie may sound good, but a busy professional doesn’t want to sit down and be sold. 


They want a solid solution to a problem they are currently facing.


When I was a mortgage officer, all my peers would call realtors and ask them to meet for coffee. I thought this was fucking stupid. Most agents can afford their own coffee. 


The way I did so much business with realtors, I called and said “I’d like to help you get more clients that want to sell homes. 


I have a FREE system. 


I’ll show you that will allow you to list more deals” then when I showed up I got them to commit to giving me their business because I helped them in a way no other LO offered.


If you want to set a sales appointment you need to come off as a person who can help them, not a salesman trying to sell them. 


People are self-centered by nature, so when you appeal to that self-centeredness, you get the appointment set. 


After the appointment is set, you show up, deliver what you promised then sell them on whatever it is you’re selling.


I’ll elaborate and explain the entire process in this short video. 


Once you get this system down, you will become an appointment setting and an appointment closing machine!

How To Set a Sales Call Appointment

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