How To Speed Up Your Closing Process and Reduce Objections [Video]

Posted on August 02, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Ever wish you could close a sale faster? If I were to bet, I think we’d find out you’re in your own way when it comes to the amount of time needed to close a deal. When I sold cars, I could sell a car, start to finish, in less than an hour. The other salesmen oftentimes took 2-3 hours per deal.

I know the secret to closing sales fast and I’ll share it with you.

There’s one thing that salespeople continually screw up and that’s talking too much. If you spend all the prospect’s time talking about you, your product or service, they will feel pressured and reluctant to make a decision. If you ask them questions and let them do all the talking, they’ll feel like you listen and when they feel like you listen then they feel your empathy.

Empathy is the fastest path to closing a sale. Yet, most salespeople don’t even know what the word means. In this video, I’ll explain a lightning speed selling process that you can implement into your business right now. If you’re looking for more help with stuff like this, sign up for our mastermind at


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