How To Spend $86,400 A Day

Posted on June 11, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Have you ever woken up on Christmas morning to a bunch of gifts around the tree? If so, I bet you remember the excitement of the “what if’s.”


What if I got that present I asked for. What if I am going to get something that I didn’t.


What if…


Once you had opened all the presents, did you play with them for a bit?


Did the excitement eventually fade, and you went right back to life as usual?


What if there was only one gift under the tree that day? An envelope with your name on it. Inside was a note:


“Enclosed, you will find $86,400. The rules of the game are simple.


1. You must spend this money today.

2. Anything you don’t spend will be taken away, and you cannot save it.

Let the game begin.


Merry Christmas!”

How To Spend $86,400 A Day

How would you spend the money? Cars, clothes, toys? For my serious-minded person in here, would you invest in life insurance and Blue Chip stocks?


Would you second-guess some of your choices as you put your head on your pillow?


What if you had to give thousands back because you were too unsure before the clock struck midnight?


Then, you woke the next morning and found another envelope on your dresser with the same note and the same amount. Once you realized this was a permanent gig, I’d bet you’d start to strategize how to spend that money.


I mean c’mon, money can’t buy you happiness, but it can help while you’re on the way there!


Well, truth is, you have been gifted with 86,400 every single day—86,400 seconds, never to be repeated again. The question is, how have you been spending that currency?


It’s funny how we value money…and devalue time. Money, not even worth the paper it’s printed on, can make a person do unspeakable acts of harm.


Time, the only gift we cannot get more of, is often treated as the one commodity that is in abundance and therefore disregarded.


Every day, we waste time arguing, convincing, complaining, planning, and perfecting.


Giving our power and time to causes, we cannot change, agendas that don’t serve our goals, and conversations with people who are intent on wasting their time and ours.


We wake up without structure to our day and wonder why we seem further from our dreams. Far from thriving, we feel like we’re merely surviving the onslaught of life.


We watch other people have the success we want, and in our deepest places, we think they are lucky or somehow made 1 right move that turned the tide. Well…you’re right, they did.


It isn’t a particular piece of software or a “glitch in the matrix” that helped them turn the corner and begin to find success.


The move every successful person has made is to begin to value their time and maximize their effective use of it.


My challenge to you is simple.


Do you want that $86,000 to spend as you want every single day?


Learn the order of what’s important and how to truly maximize its value, and the money will come.


See, the number 86,400 isn’t all that important, how you spend it…is.

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