How To Turn Cold Traffic Into Warm Leads

Posted on June 29, 2015

Ryan Stewman



It’s the magic formula we ALL strive to uncover in our business – turning cold traffic into warm leads. It’s not rocket science, but there is a science to it. Much like the science of turning strangers that you just met, into friends by the end of the night.

Essentially that’s all we are doing here, converting strangers to friends. Especially if those strangers are in the form of cold traffic from Facebook ads. After all, Facebook is full of friends and fans, right?

Have you ever heard of the law of familiarity? Basically it states that in order for a person to become familiar with you or your brand, you need to be in front of them 5-10 times. I know in my line of work, it takes a person 6-7 months to reach out to me, after seeing me for the first time.

During that 6-7 month period, I’m becoming familiar to the person consuming my content, ads and branding pieces. When they do finally reach out to me, they feel like they know me. This puts me in unique situation because they know me, I now have to learn about them, quickly!

The key to converting cold traffic into warm leads is leveraging the law of familiarity. Getting your content in front of the eyes of the prospect as much as possible. The more they see you, the more they know you, the more likely they are to reach out and buy something.

Another important factor in converting cold traffic to warm leads is repetition. You cant send one marketing campaign to an audience and expect them to know and buy from you. You’ve got to pick out a specific target market and repeatedly market to those prospects.

On Facebook, I have pre-programmed targeting selected in my ads manager. This insures me that my message is always in front of the same people. My audience there is around 100,000 people and until I have 100,000 clients, I’ll keep working them and making them feel like they know me.

You want the prospect to feel like they know you, so let them get to know you. I’m constantly running ads to videos and blog posts which reveal a little about me personally and a lot about my business. This is my way of letting them get to know me better.

We all know people buy from people they know, like and trust, so the purpose of all the content I create is for my prospects to get to know me. They see me on video, hear my voice, witness my mannerisms, etc. When I write a blog post or email, they read them with my voice and mannerisms in mind.

Kind of like when you see a picture of Morgan Freeman with words next to it. You always read the words in your head with Morgan’s voice narrating them. My goal is for my audience to hear my voice and see me in the same way. Distinguishable.

When I worked for a big bank in Texas, doing mortgages, we ran commercials on TV and radio. The commercials were terrible but they worked. You know why? They converted cold traffic to warm leads, all from repetitiveness and familiarity.

Think of it this way. When you go to a party and meet someone the first time, you exchange handshakes and names. Maybe you have a conversation or two with the person who introduced you. You have made a cold introduction.

Then, a week later, you’re at another party and you see the same person. When you walk over to that person to shake their hand, you already know each other from the previous event. You strike up a conversation easily and start getting along.

Repeat this process a few more times and you’ll start calling each other “friends” and that’s the same process we are attempting to recreate with ads and branding, using Facebook for cold traffic.

The benefit of Facebook is you can rapidly become familiar with comment responses, tagged responses, shares and all other forms of engagement. Within a matter of hours online, you can make a stranger feel like a friend. The NLP of social media is strong.

So the BIG secret to turning cold traffic into warm, familiar leads, is simple. It’s repetition and nothing else. If you’ll continually get in front of people, they will eventually decide to accept you or reject you. That’s all you want any good marketing to do, attract the right ones and repel the wrong ones.

If you’d like my help in finding the cold traffic that can convert to warm leads for you, simply take a few minutes to fill out the form below. From there, I’ll reach out to you with further instructions on what possibilities exist for us to work together.

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