How To Use Memes In Business For Generating Sales

Posted on July 29, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



Who doesn’t love a good meme?


If you look at your timeline on just about any social media platform, you will see a meme in the first four to five posts you scroll across. It’s almost guaranteed.


Memes are one of the highest engagement producing pieces of content you can use on social media. 


Everyone loves them. It’s always a race to be the first among your friends to share a funny new meme. 


They transcend most taboo issues in a way that you cannot do on video or with the spoken word.  


Things like politics, religion, stereotypes, and personal interests can be taken to the line with memes.  


The secret to using them is understanding where to draw the line.

How To Use Memes In Business For Generating Sales

Memes can also be used to reach a very WIDE range of audiences.


It’s one of the reasons meme marketing is such a powerful tool.


If you have a good understanding of your client base and the sort of things they relate to, you can create an unlimited number of new memes to grab attention. 


Knowing the interests of your potential buyer and what kind of things they are interested in is a vital component of any good advertising strategy. 


These should be things you are already thinking about and spending time focusing on while building your other marketing campaigns.


So how do you use memes as a business owner or a salesperson to generate engagement?

#1 Start With Your Audience

When you can narrow down your ideal client to a specific person, such as a 20-30yr old male interested in surfing and tacos, you’ll have a great start on creating memes that will get the right kind of engagement for your business. 


If your ideal client fits into a particular demographic, you can begin researching topics that are most relatable to them. 


The top movies or television shows from their generation as kids. Their favorite actors or trending musicians. Anything you can find that will relate to your audience will get their attention.


The idea is to grab someone’s attention in the split second you have as they scroll past your post on social media.  An eye-popping image of someone or something that your ideal client recognizes is an easy way to do so. Using these images in a way the client does not expect is often referred to as a “Pattern Interrupt.”

#2 List Out Your Top 5-10 Objections and Their Rebuttals


The best way to close a sale is to handle objections early on in the conversation. By eliminating those objections first in the discussion, you make more room for building rapport and providing value. 


When the value exceeds the price, the odds of a transaction occurring go up exponentially.  Write out the top five to ten objections you face during sales calls and then list out the best ways to handle them.  


This list is going to be your starting point for meme content.


Look for scenes or images that can fit the objection and its rebuttal into the context. If price savings is a concern, find an image that allows the prospect to see how working with your company will leave them holding large stacks of cash. 


If you can leave a potential client with an emotional connection to your product or service outcome, you can start the closing process before your conversation starts.

#3 Use Memes In Your Follow-Up Process


If there exists one thing salespeople hate more than any other, it’s being ghosted after having a great conversation with a prospect.  


You spend time building rapport, give them a price or quote, and then suddenly, you never hear from them again.


For many of us, we understand that as business owners, we sometimes get busy putting out other fires and don’t make specific responses a priority. 


Those messages get pushed further down the priority list when you are being hit by canned follow-up messages like “just wanted to check in.” and “are you still looking to move forward?”  Instead, send them some sort of funny meme or gif. 


Again, this pattern interrupt image is designed to get attention. One GIF, in particular, has helped me close multiple six figures in sales, and it’s a guy poking his head out from behind a set of lockers and asking “you good?” with a concerned look on his face.  


I have close to a 69% response rate from clients who have gone ghost when using that GIF/MEME.  It gives the client a feeling of my empathy, and it’s also a great way to break the awkwardness of sales when waiting from someone who said they would move forward but has failed to do so.


If you’re having trouble getting engagement on social media for your business or want to know more about it, head on over to to learn more about adding memes to your sales and follow up process. 


You’ll be surprised to see how quickly you can learn the process, generate fresh leads, and close more deals with memes!


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