Intention Creates Retention

Posted on November 06, 2019

Drewbie Wilson



By Drewbie Wilson

Operating with intention allows you to create a much better overall experience for those around you. Whether it’s in business or in life, the more focused you are on creating an excellent atmosphere for your friends and clients, the more of them you will have and keep.

Living an intentional life starts at home.

Once you figure out what your goal is in life, you can start making a plan to achieve success. The best way to set yourself up for this is by doing everything with intention. If you’re trying to get fit, spend time working on your fitness and focus on what you eat. Living healthier will provide you with more energy and allow you to get more done throughout the day. If you’re trying to make your spouse happier, be intentional with your words and actions. Having the strong support of a spouse will allow you to focus on being the best you possible. If it’s money you’re after, approach every conversation and interaction with purpose. Everyone has a problem they wish could be solved, so show empathy and be the one folks like talking to.

When you look at the top-performing companies over the years you begin to see a pattern emerge. Each of them has a set of core values and a shared mission.

These companies have developed a way of operating with intention, which allows each employee to be happier and more productive. From the CEO to the janitor, each employee is an integral cog in the inner workings of the greater machine. Each person knows their job and focuses on doing it the best they can. By developing a routine based around intention and quality, these companies have surpassed all their competitors in both earnings and morale.

When an employee is happy and feels like they are an important part of the team, they will find a reason within themselves to go above and beyond for the business. They will work longer, take fewer days off, and be happy with the life they lead. This is how you generate maximum results from your employees while keeping them on the team longer.

The upside of a great work atmosphere is the effect it has at home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO or the janitor if you aren’t spending your days concerned about keeping your job. When you are dialed-in it’s bound to change the way you act around your friends and family. This will allow you to remain focused on maintaining the quality of lifestyle you seek while taking care of the people in your circle. When you can provide a quality of life that far exceeds the average for those around you, the universe will find ways to return the favor. Typically that will mean keeping you surrounded with great people who will allow you to continue your journey to success.

If you want to retain the incredible life you are creating for yourself, continue to live intentionally!

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