When Doubt Shows Up, Outwork It

Posted on November 24, 2019

Drewbie Wilson



By Drewbie Wilson
There will be times in your life when it seems like everything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong. This can wreak havoc on your confidence, which is devastating to your ability to develop rapport and close sales.

The force of average loves to bring doubt into your mind when life is about to get better.

Sometimes doubt will come from within, perhaps its a sale you lost that you felt should have been an easy close. Maybe you are struggling with personal issues that keep you from putting on a smile. Whatever you do, don’t sit and stew on it. The more you focus on the negativity the worse it will get. It’s almost like leaving old gym clothes in the trunk for too long. If you let the issue sit around and bother you, it will only get worse.

Clean up the mess, and get back to being yourself.

When you have a moment of doubt, do something to break the pattern. Listen to your favorite hyped-up music. Step outside for a breath of fresh air and a moment of meditation. Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat your favorite affirmations. Just be sure to take immediate action to change the cycle.
This is step one to outworking the doubts.
The next thing you want to do is step back up to the plate and take the next pitch as soon as possible. The longer you wait to get back up and get going, the more you will let doubt hold you back. You have to be willing to fight through those hard times and show yourself that there is nothing to doubt about yourself.

The same thing happens when the doubt comes from those around you.

When people are doubting you, there is nothing better to do than outwork them. They might have the advantage now, but you have one thing they do not and that’s the willpower to work harder than anyone around you. So, when they start saying things like…
“You don’t have what it takes.” Or, “That will never work.” Or, “Why don’t you just give up?” keep your head up and stay focused.  While others are busy spending time being worried about bringing negativity into your life, you can stay focused on winning.
Remember, you get what you focus on. So, if they are focused on being negative toward you, and you are focused on winning, who do you think will end up with what they want more?
You have no reason to doubt yourself. You have proven time and time again that you are capable of amazing things. Even when the doubt starts creeping in, you can go back to the hard work and know everything will be fine.
If nothing else, you can always turn to your entourage and let them remind you of the amazing person you are so they will help you eliminate that doubt. Don’t have a group that supports you in becoming the most elite version of yourself no matter what? Head on over to www.JoinTheApex.com and become part of the most elite network of business owners and entrepreneurs on the planet.

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