If You Don’t Like Being Ghosted By Your Prospects Don’t Ghost Your Clients

Posted on November 25, 2018

Ryan Stewman



You can make all the sales in the world, but if you don’t provide the right service, each of those sales will be the last one for that particular client. You have to sell with a smile and service with a system. Service is what lures in referrals. Shitty service is what lures in bad reviews. 

The mindset of most sales pros is backward.

Most sales pros think they are only responsible for closing sales. In reality, it’s what comes after the sale that matters most. You could have closed the client down and built massive rapport, but if your service sucks, you’ll never sell them again. 

Here’s the really bad news about having bad service: 

In my experience, the second sale is the easiest to close. For example, if I sell you a good product, then when you need another similar product you will likely come back to me first. You will also likely send me referrals. However, if I sell you a good product but have bad service, you are likely to enjoy that product and look to buy it from someone else next time.
Clients want to feel like they are important to you. Especially clients who buy expensive items from you like homes, cars, coaching, luxury goods, etc. It doesn’t take much to show the clients you appreciate them. Return calls in a timely manner. Reply to their emails. It’s the simple gestures that show you care, that matter the most. 

Most salespeople avoid closed clients like the plague. 

Sadly, most salespeople think clients only come to them for heat. Heat is when the customer is dissatisfied and needs some resolution. The truth is, most clients come to you for help and to buy from you again. If you avoid clients because you are scared they might bring heat, you are in the wrong business. Plus, what did you do, or what do you sell that makes you worry about heat? If the job was done right, there is no heat. 
Grant Cardone always says, “When the customer is unhappy it’s a chance for you to make them happy and even sell them something else while they are there. Never run from dissatisfied clients; they are your best clients.” This is so true. In a world full of salespeople with delicate egos and scaredy-cat commissions, the average salesman is afraid to talk to clients because they worry about the deal being unwound. But if you avoid them, piss them off and don’t try and help them, they are 10X more likely to unwind the deal on you. 
You have to man up and talk to all your clients. Even the ones who annoy you. Every time you talk to them ask for referrals. Every time you help them ask who else they know that you can help. When a client is unhappy, then you drop your ego and make them happy again. That’s when the bond between you and the client becomes forged. The client knows most salespeople ghost when times get tough, so they will respect and like you more for helping them.
I hear salespeople complain all the time about not getting referrals. These are the same salespeople who are impossible to reach. Even if their clients did want to send them referrals, they can’t get a hold of them in the first place. 

Quit being scared to talk to closed clients. 

In my business, I don’t let any messages slip by. My team and I make sure we deliver the best experience and service possible. This is why 40% of our business is repeat and referral business. Even when someone is unhappy (which is rare) we go out of our way to make it right. If someone can’t get ahold of one of my sales team, I have my salesperson reach out immediately or suffer the consequences of losing commissions. Referrals are the lifeblood of your business and mine, we must treat them accordingly. 
Going silent on a customer is always a horrible idea. People are quick to assume the worst. They think you ripped them off, hate them, don’t care about them, are arrogant and the list goes on. You don’t want people who gave you money and chose to do business with you, thinking the worst. You want them always thinking the best of you and having positive thoughts when it comes to the association of your product or service. 
In reality, the money is made after the sale. The sale is the easiest part of the process. It’s what happens after you get the “yes” that matters most. Your job in sales isn’t to get a “yes,” then do your best to run from the client the rest of your life. It’s to get the “yes” and show them the best service they have ever had. Trust me, it doesn’t take much and they will love you and send you all their business for it. 
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