If you SAY “I’m RICH BITCH” YOU better have the Bank Account to back it up [Ryan’s Rants]

Posted on November 16, 2012

Ryan Stewman



We can all agree that social media has been giving idiots a platform to lie from since 2007. yes I know it’s been around longer than that, but 2007 is when it really went mainstream. Lately a lot of these “idiots” are making some pretty outrageous income claims.  It reminds me of good ol Dave Chappelle and his “I’m rich bitch” rant he did at the end of each show.   I see people post pictures of their checks (crazy) online, they post pictures with their bank account balance and the worst offender is the person who posts things like “For $29.95 you can start your very own multi-million dollar empire ask me how.”    

“Really? For $30 I can make millions?

Why the hell are we all still here working for a living?

If it’s that easy, why don’t you just do it for me and I’ll split my check with you. Deal?” (it never is) If you are out there making fake income claims and bragging about shit that ‘isn’t really happening, you need your ass kicked.   First of all, misleading people to give you money based on false success is just an asshole thing to do, plain and simple. If you can’t do it, and aren’t doing it, how can you expect someone else to?

Leadership starts at the top. Anytime you build any relationship on a lie, it will never flourish and become the relationship it should be. The lie will always hold you back.   Second of all, as my friend Micheal Price said on facebook this week, “If you are so rich, why do you want my money to teach me to help you?” I think technology is making it too easy to lie. photo-shopping numbers and everything else. Who can you trust? Where is the real leadership?  

In all honesty I’m not a loan officer anymore, so I don’t care how much money anyone does or does not make. I’m in the “Ryan Stewman money caring about business” and nothing else. If you make a lot of money that’s great, just shut up about it.  Oh and by the way, since I was a loan officer that did quite a few loans, I have a pretty good idea what each profession pays. I’ve seen all pay ranges, from entry level to CEO.  

Also, just a fair warning to all of you braggers out there, the IRS is actually trolling social media and looking for this stuff. Anytime you submit numbers to a website, publication or even a post, the IRS is looking. We all know that America needs tax money and they will come after your dumb ass for it in a heartbeat. So if you post fake money and then get a tax bill, that’s just the cost of lying.   The best thing you, me and anyone else can do, is help people. Sure we are all here to make money, but don’t EVER build ANY relationship based on lies. The truth shall set you free….Or cost you an ass ton in humility and tax money in the end…  

Enjoy this week’s rant:

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