If You Want To Succeed In All Areas You Have To Show Up In All Areas

Posted on February 22, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



In life, there are four main areas that we must show up in every single day to live by what we in the Apex call the GCODE.


Gratitude, Genetics, Grind, Group


Having a sense of GRATITUDE for the people and the circumstances you’re surrounded by is very powerful. As high performers and those with extremely high expectations of ourselves, it’s easy to get let down when things don’t go exactly the way we planned them.


That’s why making a routine for gratitude in your life is so important. If you wake up and take the first 2 minutes of your day to focus on five things you’re grateful for it will set the tone for your day. By writing them down you are cementing them in your thought patterns and creating a physical connection to the emotional connection.


When the small inconveniences of life start showing up you can always turn back to that list and a chemical reaction will occur in your brain causing a flood of dopamine. This will push you to carry through any stress you face. The secret to having this source of instant stress relief is to be consistent with your routine.


If you don’t have the list handy at all times you won’t have access to that feeling of power.


The next routine you must create for yourself revolves around altering your GENETICS. Everyone is born with a certain set of DNA and a list of familial issues they must contend with. The key is to realize you can fight back against those issues because you are aware of them.

If You Want To Succeed In All Areas You Have To Show Up In All Areas

To operate your business at peak performance you optimize and make things as efficient as possible. You should be doing the same with your physical and mental fitness. Working out and eating proper nutrition will give you the energy to wake up early and remain focused throughout the day. You wouldn’t fuel an exotic sports car with discount gas…so why do it to yourself?

Besides, who wants to make lots of money and work hard for years only to end up in the hospital or an early grave because they didn’t care for their body the way they did their business?


Speaking of business, this is where we talk about the GRIND. Your grind is the thing or things you do to make money and provide for yourself, your family, and those in your circle. As mentioned above, you should be focusing on maximizing your ability to get things done. Implement a routine for yourself and stick to the calendar. Most of us only need 6-8 hours of sleep per night which leaves 16-18 left to get shit done.


High performing individuals know that to accomplish their goals they have to break them down into small bite-size tasks. Use your calendar to manage every aspect of your life. Be careful to make sure you’re leaving time for the last, and likely most important, G in the GCODE.




We’ve all heard the adage “You become a reflection of the individuals you spend the most time with.” If you want to create a strong network around yourself with you have to be sure you’re making time for them. This includes your family, friends, employees, and those you care about most.


If you only have a limited time to spend with them while on your journey to success you better be present and in the moment while you are there. Imagine having an employee who showed up but was only half paying attention and always doing their own thing, even after being told exactly what to do.


You’d probably have to fire them… If you don’t want your family, friends, etc to fire you from the accompanying role you need to show up for them the same way you show up in your business.  Time is the only thing you can’t buy back in life no matter how successful you are. Don’t waste it.


Remember “How you do anything is how you do everything.”


To continue becoming the most elite version of yourself and live by the GCODE you need to start asking yourself if you’re showing up in all four of these areas.


If anyone of them happens to be falling behind you risk it falling over and knocking the rest out of balance as well.


Need help getting these four areas in alignment? Head over to www.apexentourage.com and find out if you’re ready to go to the Apex of life.

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