If You’re on Social Media WHY are you not being social?

Posted on November 01, 2012

Ryan Stewman



Allow me to give you the upfront, no-bullshit truth about social media. To understand what social media truly is, you must have a good understanding of the evolution of communication. Back in the 80s when cell phones first made their debut, people said things like “I’m only giving my cell phone number to friends and family.” All of a sudden a people like me started stepping up and saying, “I’m here to do business. I’ll give my cell phone number to anyone. My clients can contact me anytime. I provide service.” The people who resisted at first were forced to follow suit and give their cell numbers out. The problem was they were running from behind instead of leading from ahead. In the 90s, the same type of action occurred. The invention of the email address forever changed the way we communicate. In the beginning, people said, “I’m not giving my email to anyone but friends and family. I don’t want spam or strangers to have my email.” Again, someone like me stepped up and said, “I’m going to put my email on every website I can. I want people to find me from all over the world.” Those who resisted, in the beginning, were forced to follow suit. In 2008 people were saying “I’m not going to learn texting. It’s a fad. If someone wants me they will call.” Those same people probably felt stupid asking their friends how to text in 2010, haha. This is no laughing matter here, folks… It’s now 2012, and people say the same thing about social media. They say, “My social media profiles are for my friends and family only. I don’t want strangers to see what I do online.” NEWSFLASH: Social Media is just another form of communication. It is no different from email, text, snail mail, phone calls, text, carrier pigeon etc… Simply put, these are all forms of communication.

Different audiences communicate via different modalities. By far the most popular way to communicate online these days is Facebook. With over 1 billion users and the largest amount of Google juice on the planet, Facebook is where it’s at. If you are keeping your Facebook profile and posts private, you need to OPEN UP. Most consumers start their search process online. Most consumers also cross-reference Google with who they are doing business with. This means your clients are probably Googling your name. They want to see if anything good or bad, is out there online with your name on it. They want to have a deeper sense of who they are trusting. Knowing that Facebook is generally the number one result that shows up when you search a person’s name, it’s important to have an open profile on Facebook. Let your audience get to know you. Let them see you for who you are. If you act a fool on Facebook, you probably don’t deserve the business anyway. We have all heard the saying, “Your network is your net worth.” Why would you think it would not apply to your “social network”? WAKE UP! The time is now and the window is closing. You still have a chance to take control of your social media and get on the right track to attract the customers you want. If you are one of the people reading this and you say, “Ryan, I need to know more,” all you have to do is click the POSTfuser banner below and sign up for a strategy session. My promise to you is this: You will leave the session with a tangible plan of action that you can implement immediately. If you have someone in your sphere of influence that needs to see this, forward this on to them. Share this on your Facebook wall if you like it ;-)


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