Why Internet Leads Are The BEST Leads

Posted on November 12, 2014

Ryan Stewman



It’s late 2014, if you are still pounding the pavement looking for deals, you’re wasting your fucking time. While you hit the streets or even the phones [cold calls] attempting to get in front of one or two people, smart guys like me are online in front of thousands at a time.    

I’m not gonna sit here and deny that old school methods like door knocking and cold calling work. What I’m saying is the old school ways are the least efficient way to get business. Hence the term “old school”   I took two sales calls this morning. Both calls were with Loan Officers in major metropolitan areas. That’s where the similarities end.  

LO1 tells me about how he’s closing 4-6 loans a month and working 70+ hours a week. When I asked him what was taking up his time (it obviously wasn’t the 5 loans) he explained that he was doing open houses 3 days a week and attending networking events weekly.  

Think about that –  

He also told me he lived 30 mins outside of the city where all the action takes place. Three days a week he spends 1 hour drive time to maybe get in front of one or two people who might be interested in a loan.  

That’s not counting the drive time to the networking events where EVERYONE just wants referrals. We all know how those things go…  

LO2 tells me he wants to sell my products. Shows me a paystub where he made $15k in the last two weeks and says he has plenty of spare time even though he’s closing 8-12 deals a month.   BIG difference huh?   After further interviewing and exploring, LO2 tells me he generates online leads. He says he makes 2-3 fresh lead calls a day. Doesn’t have to drive to any events. No wasted realtor meetings. Nothing.  

LO2 also tells me that he’s so dialed in with the leads he gets, that he closed one guy and got 3 referrals from him. Turning 1 lead into 4 is pretty badass, I must say. Also, the leads he gets are already pre-scrubbed and qualified.  

So what separates these two guys?  

One is spending time unwisely, while the other is making the most of an unlimited platform with a 64% homeowner rate. The internet.  

In the time LO1 goes to an open house and back to the office, LO2 has already made his three calls, app’d one and sent the request video for docs. All in a days work. IN about 2 hours. Meanwhile LO1 is still on the road….  

If you’re not generating online leads in your business, you won’t have a business for long. From facebook referrals, to online ads that convert, if you don’t use the intsocial_media_imageernet to spread your brand and prospect clients, you WILL be left behind.  

Internet leads aren’t just leads you buy from a lead gen site. They may not be from online ads at all. You can use the internet forums and sites like facebook and twitter to generate endless amounts of leads too. You just have to know what you are doing. Especially if you want to work with Realtors.  

Just like if you’re still talking rates, fees and programs at Realtor presentations, you won’t be welcomed back. No one fucking cares. Teach an Agent to market and they will love you forever when they get results.  

Speaking of Realtors, you know twitter has 1.3Billion monthly users and facebook almost 2Billion? Do you think the agents you can’t find on the phone or in their office might be on facebook? Don’t you think facebook would be the perfect place to make a “warm” introduction.  

What about mutual friends? If you have mutual friends with a producer, why not hit your friend up and ask for an intro?  

In the time you drive, make BS small talk and walk away empty handed at a meet up, you could hit 100s maybe even thousands of people on social media. Profile posts, private messages and personal comments on other’s posts can help get you business on the quick.  

If you’re tired of wasting time away from your family or whatever it is you WANT to do and you’re ready to leverage the power of the internet to generate leads that will close and don’t waste your time, I can help you. It all starts with you filling out the form below.

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