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Posted on December 22, 2015

Ryan Stewman



“Find me on Twitter @ryanstewman or if you want, on Instagram @hardcorecloser or Facebook realryanstewman. Oh wait you don’t use Twitter, that’s okay you can connect with me….” How many times have you had similar conversations trying to connect with a friend, prospect or family member?


Are we at the point where there are just too many social media sites to keep up with?

Most people aren’t even lucky enough to have the same social media handle throughout all their sites. Most people are one handle on Insta, a different name on Twitter and an alias on Facebook. If someone wants to find you, connect with you and communicate with you, they most likely have to go through google hell to do so.
For the last 5 years I’ve had to spend extra hours programming new social media sites into my blog. I’ve had to add and subtract logos from business cards and advertising swag. This cost me additional money in design fees as well. Overall, keeping up with the latest site and the names of my friends on there gets hard to do. Sure, once we connect it’s all good, but finding folks isn’t getting any easier.
Finding friends, connections, and family on different social media sites is almost impossible. It even confuses google. Google be like “I don’t know. Find them yourself” and there’s nothing you can do about it. Snapchat made it a little easier by adding their qr code connection thing. But they are the only ones who are trying to make it easier. The rest are wide open.
Because of my personal frustration, I’ve created a solution. After all, that’s what being a salesman is all about right? I’ve created a software called “One Spot Social” that hosts all your social media sites in one place. It’s basically the white pages of social media. Think of it as a social Rolodex. No more struggling to give out 5 different places to connect. Simply say “find me on and connect with me where you prefer.” This makes the process easy for everyone.
With One Spot Social, you can list whatever sites you want, as well as unlist whatever sites you don’t use or want the public to know you have. It’s 100% in your control. You can even arrange the icons in the order the amount of use you put in on each one. The site is 100% customizable. You give out ONLY the information you want the public to see.

There’s no more need to give out 10 different social media profile names to your audience

When I go on radio and tv shows, I usually have to give out my Twitter, IG and FB accounts to people so they can connect with me. Sometimes in a small spot, it’s a lot of words to fit in. Especially in print. I’ve found a way to be more efficient and save time and words. is NOT a social media site. We do not allow users to connect or communicate on our site. It’s simply a one stop social bookmarking site for profiles and a social media search engine. It’s FREE to sign up and will always be that way. It takes less than 2 mins to set up and is 100% user friendly. My four year old can set it up.
Watch this video on One Spot Social (formally known as Clyxo) and how to use it or if you want, just go right to and sign up for your free profile. You might even get your first name as your user name if you act fast. Enjoy the video and enjoy making your life easier with One Spot Social.

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