Is Your Personal Brand Attracting The Right Clients?

Posted on August 26, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



Think back to the last time you made a purchase. Did you decide to make that purchase based on the company’s logos or slogan? 


Probably not. More than likely, the reason you decided to move forward with the transaction was due to the conversation you had with the business rep or because someone you know referred you there. 


You had to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST the person you were speaking with enough to move forward with your purchase. 


If the person you were speaking to weren’t someone you could relate with or felt comfortable working with, you would have just as quickly gone to another person or business to move forward with your purchase.


The sooner you understand the value and importance of your personal brand, the sooner you can focus on achieving the goals you have set for yourself. 


Of course, working for a big name company and having the asset of a strong corporate brand behind you will help tremendously. However, people do business with people, not corporations. 

Is Your Personal Brand Attracting The Right Clients?

Most people tend to have issues with big corporations, thinking of them as greedy or as not always having the customer’s best interest at heart. 


This is why you should be focusing on your personal brand and being a reliable representative of the company. 


When your personality and confidence shines in all areas, it becomes easier to attract the right kind of clients. 


The clients who can afford your product or service and the type of clients who will appreciate the lengths you go to satisfy their needs and solve their problems.


So what does it take to build a strong personal brand?


#1 – Honesty & Integrity


Being someone your clients can trust to be honest and do the right thing will be far more valuable than being someone who can get the best deal. 


While having the ability to negotiate with vendors and suppliers is relevant, your clients will be much happier if you let them know the lower-priced materials are also going to be lower quality.  


Operating with integrity means doing the right thing even when it doesn’t lead to the outcome you had anticipated.  Be upfront with your prospects, and always do the right thing. Not only will it reflect in your success, but those who do business with you will also be quick to send referrals to someone they consider honest and operating with integrity.


#2 Be The Same Online As You Are In Person


Something a lot of sales professionals and business owners get wrong is acting one way on camera or in front of crowds and acting entirely different in person.  


Imagine meeting your favorite actor or musician, someone who is always smiling and kind on tv and in interviews, and when you meet them, they are cold and brush you off like you’re a nobody. It might give you a different feeling about the said person. 


However, if you see someone online and then meet them in person, they are EXACTLY the same, which creates another level of trust and authenticity.  


Authenticity will play a massive part in your ability to attract the right kind of clients.


#3 Make Your Social Media Profiles Public!


The most significant mistake sales professionals and business owners are currently making is having a PRIVATE profile on social media. How can you build awareness of your personal brand if you aren’t sharing it with the world?!?!?!


If you wanted to research someone and find out if they are a trustworthy individual and someone you want to do business with, the first thing you would do would likely be to search them out on social media or online. 


Your clients are doing the same thing for you. So if you want to attract more of those clients and allow them to build that KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST factor long before you start a conversation, it’s time to open up your profiles to the public. 


Besides, if you’re posting or sharing anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with a stranger, you’re not congruent with your branding, and that’s a major red flag. 


Take more time to think about the content and information you are sharing with the world. 


That content is what someone will be judging you on and using to decide whether they would like to do business with you or not. Be very intentional with the way you represent yourself. 


No matter what happens, if you have a strong personal brand, it will stay with you wherever you go. 


To learn more about creating your personal brand and building an online lead generating machine head over to and find out how you could be one step away from becoming the most elite version of yourself!


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