Just Make a Friggin Video About It

Posted on April 21, 2014

Ryan Stewman



One of the most frequent answers I give to my clients is “just go make a friggin video about it.” It’s actually my #1 go-to. These days we have video cameras on us 24/7, yet very few people or businesses are taking advantage of the power of video.   

I mean – think about it…

Ever since you were a little kid, you’ve been sat in front of a TV (video) and told to pay attention to the TV because there are important people on there. Whether it be news casters or celebrity actors, the TV has always caught our attention. It’s as important of a program too to our society as school. Kids spend more time with TV than school in most cases anyway.  

The reason video has always commanded attention and granted instant authority, is the fact that cameras were really expensive. Then after you bought a camera, you needed editing software and that shit cost a grip of cash too. Add lights, time learning how to do all this shit and you were in a lot of debt back in the day.  

That’s not the case any more though. These days you have a HD camera on your smartphone, YouTube is your TV channel and if you know what you are doing, you can build your own audience and empire.  

Take Jenna Marbles, for example. She uploads a video she records from her laptop camera onto YouTube and it instantly gets millions of views. Why? Her message reaches the right audience. She knows who she is talking to and her message is what matters, not her production quality.  

video actionMost of us salesmen find ourselves repeating the same shit over and over. From our sales pitch to answering the same processing questions again and again. Video is a great way to not only duplicate yourself, but duplicate your sales pitch and frequent answers you give as well.  

Think about it, next time a customer hits you with the good old “when does XYZ action happen?” you send them a video with you explaining it all and say “I’ve made this short video for you that will walk you step by step through that exact process.”  

First off, your clients will most likely respect you more due the fact you got on camera. The reason most people don’t make videos, is because they are scared. This again, drums up the respect you get when you step out in front of the lens.  

Second off, they will understand your tonality and mannerisms more. When they read your future emails they will hear your voice in their head and most likely visualize the image of your video as they read your words.  

Third of all, video can be your sales pitch. If I make a sales pitch once on video, I don’t have to repeat it again. I can simply send that video to whomever or upload it to a webpage that people will watch it from.   It’s really simple shit and everyone should be doing it.  

Let’s get into a deeper reason why you should be doing videos. If you die today, what records of your existence is there? Wouldn’t it be nice to see videos of your ancestors? Instead all we have are faded black and white photos of a few generations ago. If you don’t leave videos behind it will be as if you never existed in a land of people who DID make them.  

You’re robbing your future generations of getting to see the real you and who you are. Many of you that read this sell real estate. Some of that real estate will be famous one day. Don’t you want to leave your legacy online letting others know you played a part in history?  

The next time you find yourself with a great idea, tip, message or sales pitch, pull out the selfie machine and record that bitch. You deserve to stand out and that starts with video. My clients who use video get more engagement than those who don’t. Bottom line.  

If you want my help with video ideas, marketing funnels and all around badassery, fill out the application to join me for 3 days of intense sales and marketing mastery. There’s nothing else on the planet like this.


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