Karma Is A Bitch If You Are

Posted on June 23, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Look, it’s 2020, and I can almost guarantee you’ve had your ass handed to you in one form or another.


If you’re elite and thrive when punched in the nuts after a quick roundhouse to the face, congrats…


If you’ve found yourself asking, “when’s enough going to be enough?!?”, I have some words that’ll put you back on track if you follow them.

Karma Is A Bitch If You Are

This isn’t for the faint of heart, nor excuse-makers, so quit reading now unless you’re ready to make the last half of 2020 your best ever.


The first rule is to understand is…

Your Participation is NOT Required

The real attack that’s been going on since January is over the minds of men and women.


It’s been bottled up in actual events, but if you bring everything back to where your breakdown really began, it’s in your mind: fear, frustration, and surprise at first lead to complaining, criticizing, and condemning.


As one month turned into two, and then three…it turned into resistance, resentment, and revenge.


Understanding that this is normal in an “unchecked” world, it’s no shock we are where we are now. Assuming that you don’t have to participate is a BOSS move.


Getting back to focusing on what you’re here to accomplish, especially while everyone else is hanging out in the “peanut gallery” is the BEST way to earn interest on your efforts.


Think of it like this; if you save 5 cents while everyone else is spending 5…aren’t you really 10 cents ahead?


Likewise, if you’re focusing on moving forward right now while everyone else is running around like a headless chicken, won’t you eventually be further ahead when the dust settles?


So instead of wasting 5 cents of time…earn 10.


The second rule to understand is…

No is NOT an Option

Tattoo this one on your brain, hell…on your arm, if you have to, so you see it every day. There is ALWAYS a way.


This is a mindset, and you’re being tested right now. The test is “How Bad Do You Want It?”. Just because it’s harder doesn’t mean it’s impossible.


What lengths are YOU willing to go to to get what you want?


  • What price is too high?
  • What vice have you held onto that keeps your fire from burning brighter?
  • What excuse do you use for remaining a “has-been” instead of a “gonna-win”?

Determine, deep in your gut…between you and your maker, that no IS NOT an option.

The third rule to understand is

The Quality of Your Answers is Determined by the Quality of Your Questions

So many people I talk to speak about the “What.” They tell me what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and when it’s going to happen.




When you start to get really clear on WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, there’s no stopping you from getting it.


Most people get caught up buying shiny objects, figuring out the most brainless way to accomplish riches, and creating timelines that show they have never considered how damn hard it truly is to live and have excellence in their lives.


When you start investing Think Time on asking strategic questions instead of tactical questions, you’ll start getting different results.


Questions like:


  • “Why aren’t my sales 2x bigger?”
  • “Why do my customers stop buying from me and go to my competition?”
  • “Why haven’t I already achieved the outcome I want?”


Questions that force you to look in the mirror and face your fears are the ones that will get you clear.


I urge you to take this time, RIGHT NOW, to begin to get out of the media-hyped fog, disengage with your friends who focus on today’s exciting topics, and ask yourself if you really want what you’ve been telling yourself for a while now.


If you do, great…get to it. If you find you don’t, quit torturing your loved ones with a half-ass effort, let someone else worry about growth and success, and invest time with your family.


Either way, times all you really have…you choose if you want to waste it or be the master of it and really start to win.


Remember, Karma is only a bitch…if you are.

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