Why You Keep Losing Clients to that Slimy Bastard Down the Street

Posted on May 19, 2014

Ryan Stewman



We all know him. The snake. The fu%ker who’s somehow always poaching your sh!t. If you’re a producer and you think for one minute that someone’s not trying to take your clients at all times, you’re delusional. slimy salesman   When I was in mortgages, I heard salesmen bitch about the other companies having lower rates and fees. I hear agents bitch about someone charging only 4%. I’ve heard insurance agents say their premiums are higher than the other guy. That’s why these people keep losing clients…excuses.


Don’t believe me? Then why do people buy their clothes at the mall and not wal mart? People buy clothes at the mall because they want quality. The same thing goes in every other industry too. Even commodities.   It’s never about money. The more you let it be about the the money the more that guy will take your sh!t. It’s about the service and quality of the person providing the service.  

I sold domestic cars for the highest priced dealership in the metroplex at one time in my life. Most dealerships liquidated cars. We charged a premium for the same cars you could get cheaper up the street. I killed it there. Know why? Every customer that come in needed a car and I was really good at finding out why.   Once you “find out why” you step into a whole new dimension of sales. You’re no longer selling your stuff. You’re selling the solution to their why, by using what you’re selling.

When you can operate from this side of the sales game, that snakey fu*k up the street, with funny hat, and sh!t eating grin, don’t matter any more.   Most of us don’t even know what the dude who snakes our sh!t looks like. We never hear a name, only a company. He’s not going to tell you how they find him. Rest assured he’s out there waiting for you to fu*k up.  

So how do you keep people from stealing your clients?   I’m not one to lose clients to competition [using the word lightly] because I have a plan of offense. I know if I can discover the why, solve their problem and bond with them, most of the time their conscious won’t let them leave me. This is the law of reciprocity at its finest.   If you solve the problem behind the why, there is no reason for them to shop around. If you are the best at what you do, you should get paid more than that scumbag up the street. Matter of fact, his clients should be paying more and coming to you.

 Let’s get real here. It’s not like the a$$hole up the block has rates, fees or services that are exponentially less than yours. In most cases we are talking about a few bucks a month or maybe 1000s over a long period of time they won’t use anyway. So it’s not like you are fighting that big of a fight anyway.   If you lose clients over pennies and dollars, you must suck at what you do.

Money is never the root of problems on this planet. Money is always the focus of problems on this planet. There’s a big difference. People have a root problem and you can solve it. It just takes money to do so.   If you want to keep that bastard from snaking your sh!t, simply start serving your clients by fixing their ROOT problem and not the BS money story they tell you.

Move over to the brighter side of sales and watch that piece of sh!t competitor of yours perish.   If you want help kicking his a$$, I’m your guy. I can show you how to serve your clients beyond expectation, market to perfect clients only, place irresistible offers in front of eyes that buy and close leads like a boss. It all starts by joining me and several others for 3 days at our Break Free Academy event. Fill out the form below for details.


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