Keeping it 100 About Making Time [Ryan’s Rants]

Posted on October 26, 2012

Ryan Stewman



We all have the same 24 hours in a day. One of the key differences between a successful entrepreneur and  a struggling business person is how the manage their time. There is this funny rule about time, no matter what, it always catches up to you. If you don’t make the time now, for the things that should matter, you will be forced to make the time later. And later always charges tax and interest.   Procrastination is a plague that is infecting tons of people worldwide. I think I saw a drug commercial to treat it, on TV the other day! Too bad more people don’t take it. I’ve seen 100s of sales people and business owners lose a good thing because of time mis-management.   You should treat your time is an investment. If you invest a little time now, it will pay you dividends later. If you procrastinate now, you will pay tax and interest on your time later. The thing is, we all like to put off things that make us uncomfortable. We LOVE to stay in our comfort zones and GOD forbid, anyone try to hold someone accountable these days. Knowing these facts and reading this post, gives you the advantage and a chance to take control of your time.   Time management is not a new thing. I’m not even that good at it, but I can tell you what I do.   First, I make a list of everything I need to get done for the week. Then I break that list down to which items are most important numbered from 1-whatever.   Second, I take the ones that are the most important and I do them on Monday. Tuesday and the rest of the week you fill in the spots from the rest of the list.   Third, I follow-up with all of the “A-List” items I did on Monday, first thing every day until they are resolved.   The above is a simple, 3 step method to managing all of your tasks. it’s been my experience that if you get the hard shit out of the way early, and get in an early victory, you can crush the rest of the items like it AINT NO THANG!   It does not take a genius to make the most of your 24 hours. The other day a client of mine said “man, you are on the grind from like 5am to midnight every day” that’s because I am investing my time now, so that it pays me dividends later. Are you with me?   Check out my 100th Blog Post Video Good times! Make sure you watch it to the very end!

Keeping it 100 About Making Time




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