Lack of Commitment Leads To Lack of Currency [VIDEO]

Posted on March 28, 2017

Ryan Stewman



I have a strong belief that if you want anything in life, you gotta go all-in. As a kid, the adults in my life would always tell me “never do anything half-assed” and I used to get in BIG trouble for not finishing what I started. That habit and discipline have become the staple of my success.
You see, when you commit to seeing something to the end, you must leave yourself no choice. I know that if I have a safety net beneath me, I’ll never play as good as I should. I know, that in order to get anything in life, you have to commit. 
The person who becomes a millionaire is the simply the person who committed to it and never gave up. The people who gave up, were never really committed in the first place. 

Fair-weather commitment is for fools.

We live in a time when people get divorced right after getting married. Commitment is few and far between. The truly successful people of the world committed to that success and stopped at nothing to get it. Not just financial success, but overall life success. 
In this video, I’ll explain how lack of commitment leads to lack of currency. If you commit to nothing you get to nothing. 
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