Lack of Commitment = Lack of Currency [Video]

Posted on April 07, 2017

Ryan Stewman



One of the top reasons people fail to see success is because they lack the commitment to finish what they start. If you get 80 percent done with one project, then hop to the next project, you’ll never get 100 percent of the ROI on time and energy.

Meanwhile, those who commit to seeing projects and everything else in life to the end, tend to have a much higher rate of success than those who fail to finish what they start.

In Short: Lack of Commitment = Lack of Currency

In most cases, 80 percent of something is nothing. But in every case, 100 percent of something is something. The thing about committing is that it’s hard. It’s usually discouraging, un-reciprocal and hard. Which is the very reason so many people live life uncommitted. It’s hard.

When you commit, you’re judged.
When you commit, you face adversity.
When you commit, you’re all in.

In this video, I’ll show you how a lack of commitment hurts you in the long run. Tune in, turn up and open your mind to a new way of thinking because when you change your mind you change your life.


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