Live a Life of Design – Lessons From MDM 2020- Speaker #1- Pastor Keith Craft

Posted on June 12, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Pastor Keith Craft wrote a book called “Your Divine Fingerprint” because early in his life God spoke something to him that told him “You have a fingerprint that nobody else has to leave an imprint that nobody else can leave.”


Ever since then, he has dedicated his life to helping others figure out what their divine fingerprint is.


99% of our DNA is all the same.


There is only a 1% difference between your DNA and everyone whoever has been born and everyone whoever will be born.  You actually have an X-Factor for success.

Live a Life of Design

A lot of times our philosophy for life is more by default than by design.


To sum up your philosophy for life, it would be “How you think, how you BE, and what you DO, will determine what you HAVE in life.”


If you could see it as a math equation, it would be:


If you look at any area of your life and if there is anything you don’t like, whether it’s the marriage you have, the business you have, or the family you have, then go backward…what are you doing?


Then go backward…how are you being?  Then go backward…how are you thinking?


Ask yourself this question.  Where did you learn to think as you think? Who taught you to think as you think?


In his book, “Your Divine Fingerprint,”  he dives into this philosophy to help you understand that at the end of your fingertip there is a fingerprint that nobody else in history has ever had.


Nobody but you can leave your imprint wherever you go.


His book can teach you about your X-factor for success and how to shape your own THINK, BE, DO.  It can help you discover your genius and your winning edge.


It will teach you about your capacity to personally grow and develop so that as you lead yourself, you can learn to lead other people.


Check out for details on how to get your hands on the book, or the special 50% off bundle offer for this event.

A Year of Transformation

Pastor Craft felt like he had received word from God years ago, that 2020 was going to be a Year of Transformation that would Empower you to Achieve “Double-Double” in this year.


If you think of the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly, it’s an amazing thing.  For everything you can see, there is also an unseen supernatural correlation, just like the caterpillar to butterfly.


That’s part of the transformation.


Out of 180,000 species of Caterpillars, roughly 10% become butterflies, and the rest are moths.   So, which do you want to be?


If you want to be in the top 10% of income generators in the world, you need to have a net worth of 93,170.  In America, the top 10% of income earners make approximately $118,400.


The top 5% earn close to $300,000, the top 1% earn more than $718,000, and the top .1% of the nation makes over $2.7 million.   Where would you like to be?


Most caterpillars have somewhere between eight and 16 legs to get around. And they go through this morphing process. They go through this, they go through this tomb experience, as the transformation takes place in the Cocoon or Chrysalis.


They go through this dark place. It’s like this just the process, and the caterpillar ceases to be a caterpillar and emerges not with 16 new legs, but emerges with two wings…double double.

Whatever You Sow is What You Will Reap

If we want to grow in life, we might need a little breaking up and refining, just like when a farmer wants to plant a seed, he first must break the ground and put the seed in the cold, dark place, and water it so that it can take root and begin to grow.


If the farmer chooses not to plant the seed because it’s too much hard work, then the growth can never take place.  The same goes for us in our personal lives and in business.


Whatever we work on, focus on, plant in our minds, and nurture, is what will grow.

Our Finest Moments are Likely to Occur when We’re Deeply Uncomfortable

We live in some tough times right now.  But here’s a thought.


When we’re feeling unhappy or when we’re unfulfilled, it is only in such moments propelled by our discomfort that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways and true answers.


During this time of trial, we have the amazing opportunity to be propelled and catapulted into something greater and something better, if we choose to.

Change vs. Transformation

A lot of things have changed. That’s a new normal. But Pastor Keith didn’t say this was the year for change. he said this was the year for transformation. So let’s look at the difference.

Change is Something you do. Transformation is something you become. 

There is always something in the past that has been and there is always something in the present that is, but the transformation is focused on what is possible in the future.


So that’s the question to you today, what is possible in the future is based on your vision of transformation, not just change.

We are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

Every person that you’ve ever been attracted to, it hasn’t just been their physicality. It hasn’t just been their emotional constitution.


You’ve been attracted to them by their spirit, and you either like their spirit, or you don’t.  You either connect with their spirit or you don’t.  You either have chemistry with their spirit or you don’t.


It doesn’t matter how pretty somebody is.  Listen, a lot of pretty people get divorced.


We’re not sensory connected to people, we’re spiritually connected with people, whether we realize it or not. So that’s where true change happens. That’s where true transformation takes place.


Therefore, if I grow on the inside, everything around me can grow. That’s the power of transformation. If I can change, anybody in anything around me can change.

Decide What Matters Most

Don’t focus on the Coronavirus, or the depression, or the pandemic, or the panic, focus on how what matters most to you.  When you know what matters most to you, you can live a life that most matters.


For Keith Craft, he wants to teach you and me how to lead ourselves so that we can learn to lead others.


He says, “If you can lead yourself, well, you can lead one other person, if you lead one other person, you can lead a team.”


If you can lead a team, you lead an organization, if you can lead an organization, you can live and lead a legacy that won’t just die with you, beginning with your family.”

Identify Your Core Values

Once you know what is most important to you, it is essential that you define your core values.


Pastor Keith says that his personal core values are having a close relationship with God, having a close relationship with his spouse, having a close relationship with his children, having good health, and sharing time, knowledge, and money with others.

Decide What You Want Out of Life

Most people in life get more of what they don’t want, rather than what they want, because they never decide what it is they really want.


It’s important to God as your Father for you to know what you want. So here’s what the Bible says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he’ll give you the desires of your heart, commit your way to the Lord, trust in Him, and he’ll bring it to pass.” That’s quite the guarantee.


Ask yourself, what do you want?  What do you NOT want?  What makes you happy?  What does success look like to you?  What does a win look like to you?  What makes you feel?  What is your Heaven on Earth? And then go make it happen.

Define What You Want to Be

Do you want to be the best father or mother?  The best grandfather or grandmother?  The best friend, leader, or lover of people that you can be?


These are all things Pastor Keith listed, as well as wanting to reach his God-given potential, being as healthy as possible, creating generational wealth for his family, being generous, and more.


Now it’s your turn.  What do you want to be?

Alignments are More Important than Assignments

Knowing who you are, will help you know the value that you bring to the world. This is why it’s important to know who you are. But it’s not just knowing who you are…it’s knowing the who’s that you’re supposed to have in your life.


Your biggest hits and misses in life will be based on who you align your life with. The alignments in your life…The “who’s” that you do life with are more important than any assignment.


Your who’s are always more important than your what.  The biggest mistake or the biggest win that people have in their life is not based on what they do with their life. It’s who they do life with.

Everybody Has Gifts But It’s Up To You To Develop Them

Everybody has gifts. But those gifts become talents based on your self-discipline. Those talents become abilities based on you taking responsibility for those talents, and those abilities become competencies when you begin to add value to other people’s lives.


When you Master your competency, you will be valued or monetized by the value that you bring.  When you’re paid for how you think rather than what you do, you’ll always be paid more.

Wherever You Came From is Not Who You Are

I don’t know where you’re from.  But wherever you’re from whoever they were, is not who you are. You are, first of all, for me to you who God says you are. But you have the power to transform you into who you want to be.


So that whatever you want to do with your life, whatever you decide to do with your life, has a butterfly effect, and not just a caterpillar.


And while the rest of the world has to have eight legs or 16 legs, I just speak over your life in this year of transformation, that you are going to be transformed.

And this year 2020 is going to be double-double for those who apply this word that I’m giving you, and you’re going to see that on the tail end of this Coronavirus.


There’s going to be a great opportunity, great businesses, and double-double is coming your way.


**To watch this talk in full, head over to to get registered for free access to all the amazing talks from this year’s event.  Keep your eye open for more highlights.


About Keith A. Craft


Each year leadership transformationalist, speaker, author, and pastor, Keith A. Craft shares his practical approach to leadership with thousands of leaders around the world.


Keith challenges and inspires others with his real-life stories, energetic humor, and enduring principles that he backs up with his authentic, inside-out approach to leadership.

His expertise is broad in content – including topics of transformational leadership, attitude, personal growth, teamwork, relationships, and success.


No matter the method, Keith’s ultimate vision is to be a leader who inspires people to reach their God-given potential.


Over the past 30 years, Keith has spoken in the world’s largest business seminars, Fortune 1000 companies, associations, non-profits, and educational institutions. He has shared the stage and spoken alongside former world leaders like Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev and former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani.


Keith is the founder and lead pastor of Elevate Life Church, a non-denominational church in Frisco, Texas. He also founded Leadershipology, an online quote service, and Leadership Shapers, an organization dedicated to transforming leaders from the inside-out.


If you would like additional information on Keith Craft, please visit or follow him on social media @KeithCraft.


For this event only, you can get his bundled package that includes 8 video sessions on 3 DVD’s, 3 Audio Sessions on 5 CD’s, The hardcover book, as well as a study guide for half price at $99.  Check out for more details.

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