If you are a Realtor or Loan Officer why are you not video marketing?

Posted on April 30, 2012

Ryan Stewman



If you are in the mortgage or real estate business, you should be using videos in every aspect of your marketing. Loan officer video marketing not only expands your branding ability, it allows you to get a deeper connection with your prospects.   Videos have the ability to create instant familiarity with an audience, and audiences buy from people they are familiar with.

The psychology behind video is very complex, but I will attempt to break it down for you.

Humans have a basic need for 150 relationships, this comes from friends, family, acquaintances, store clerks, dogs, cats, news, movies etc…Most people do not have 150 actual relationships. So they find “fillers”.

Since you were born, (probably) you have been programmed to believe what the news, TV shows and movies tell you, all through the POWER OF VIDEO. In large because you did not have the needed 150 relationships required, therefore the people on TV filled those slots for you.

You can fill those same slots for your potential clients! Watch this quick video to see why it’s so important that you get on the “video band wagon”  

Why are you not video marketing?

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