Lost Your Mojo During The COVID-19 Pandemic? Here Are 5 Ways To Get it Back.

Posted on June 26, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Did you thrive or did you take a dive during the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak? We’ve all been affected by what’s going on in the face of the current pandemic conditions.


If you are one who has been overtaken by the Force of Average, and you’re feeling like you’re just spinning your wheels then you are not alone.


Revenue has been lost, the weight has been gained, businesses have shut down, families have split under the pressure.


Depression and loneliness are at an all-time high.


In fact, the former US surgeon general, Vivek H. Murthy, MD, said, “I worry that we may invite what I think of as a social recession, with profound consequences for our health, for our productivity, for how our kids do in school.”

Lost Your Mojo During The COVID-19 Pandemic? Here Are 5 Ways To Get it Back

How have you and your business faired this craziness?


Did you find a way to pivot and stay on top of things?


Or are you one of the millions of people feeling discouraged?


Feeling disappointed?


Feeling frustrated and down?


I have certainly been afflicted, more than I want to admit, by this invisible force, whose sole purpose is to bring you down, keep you down, and force you to stay in a state of average forever.


So what are we gonna do about it?


We’ve had a pity party. Now, It’s time to FYE and dust yourself off, evaluate where you want to go from here, and get back on track.


Here are 5 Ways to get your mojo back after you’ve been thrown for a loop. I polled our APEX group for some ideas that I want to share with you from some of our awesome family.

Do The Work

“The answer is in the dirt.” Kris Whitehead was the first to chime in and share what works for him and he gave this awesome quote by Ben Hogan.


In other words, if you have been slacking off and not accomplishing the goals that you set for yourself, then it’s time to hunker down, pull up your sleeves, and do the work.


I couldn’t agree more.  When we quit working, we only feel bad about ourselves, which only makes us want to work even less.  Keep that sense of accomplishment in your mind of how great it feels to dig in and get work done.

Find A Coach And NEVER Quit

Whether in fitness or business, the right coach can give you exactly what you need to give you the guidance and direction you need to get where you want to be in life.


Brittany Zell says that having a coach helped her to realize that it is her mission to keep going and that she couldn’t face it if she did quit.


So for her having a coach is a major key to her success, Period.  She says that she has learned from Ryan Stewman as her coach to never quit.  NEVER.


She quotes Ryan as saying, “No struggle/setback you go thru is longer than your life.”  So no matter how hard the trial, it will end at some point.  You won’t be in there forever.


So never give up and never quit moving forward, no matter how tough it gets.  And if you slide, get some support, and get back up on your feet.

Think About What You Think About

Oftentimes we are our own worst critics and that little voice can be harsh and flat out lie to you about what’s possible. Apryl Hall says how important it is to be aware of the voice in your head and what it’s telling you.


When times get tough, analyze your thoughts, and counter the negative.  So instead of saying to yourself, “You’re an idiot,” counter that thought with something like, “No, you’ve proven you solve problems quite well.”


Use whatever self-talk you need to in order to train your mind to push through negative thoughts and turn them around.

Stabilize the Situation

Sometimes you just need to get real with yourself and give yourself a clean slate to continue to stay motivated.


When Michael DiGiacinto recognizes he’s in a situation that needs to change, or if he gets overwhelmed, he uses a method to stabilize the situation.


He does this by analyzing the tasks at hand, and breaking them up into smaller pieces and prioritizing them by importance.


Then he takes a moment to emotionally digest what it will take to get up and moving so that he can start to rise up again.


So he grabs a cup of coffee, gets a little bit of air in the warm sunshine, and then jumps in and hits the tasks head-on.


He says if you can really push yourself hard after you’ve centered yourself to get as much done in the first few days, you’ll get some momentum to keep moving forward.


And when you do need to take a moment to slow down for a bit, find something you enjoy doing to bring you joy, like gardening or playing music or whatever makes you feel happy and at peace.


And then get back in and finish what you started.

Re-focus Your Energy

Fellow Apex member Tennison Hunter says at times, we just lose focus on what we’re trying to accomplish.


If you can take a moment to remember your “why” and re-channel your energy toward what you really want and why you want it, you can use that energy to push back on the FOA and take your power back.


Also, if you have already reached a target you were going for, don’t forget to set new goals and objectives to always keep you pushing harder and harder so that you are always reaching new levels of achievement.


Josh Currier uses this same strategy and suggests to take a step back and look at what you’re focused on, and what you’re committed to.


He had a turning point realization of this at a time in his life when he was at a severely low point, and he was seeking advice from family and friends.  One person interrupted and said, “What are you committed to?”


This helped him stop in his tracks to really take the time to focus on his actions, his choices, and his thoughts so that he could direct them and become clear on what he really wants and what it will take to get there.


So there you have some incredible suggestions from the elite group of Apex members to help get you back on your feet after whatever has brought you down to the low point you have been facing right now.


Take their advice and don’t let the slump define you. 


Let it build you into a stronger person, and know that you have the power within you to rise above whatever comes your way.


You don’t have to walk this path alone.  We are here for you.  I love the Apex family.  Anytime I have ever reached out in that group, I am constantly lifted up and encouraged and driven to be better.


If you don’t have a group like this, come join us.  We would love to have you part of the family.  You got this.

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