Making Bank as a Sales Broker [Video]

Posted on September 28, 2017

Ryan Stewman



We live in the new economy. There have never been so many ways to earn an honest buck at any given time in history. The world is more connected than ever, yet most people have no idea how to make the most of the situation. That’s where YOU, the salesperson, come into play.

Every day, millions of people get on social media and ask their friends for suggestions. Matter of fact, it happens so often that Facebook created a suggestions tab along with their very own marketplace where folks buy and sell their used goods.

There’s a way to come up from this new online trend.

I call it being a “sales broker,” which is when you find one person who needs something, another who is selling that something and you pair the two of them up and make a commission off the sale. Yes, it’s just as easy as it sounds, too. After all, that’s what we salesmen do. We find a problem, solve it, and earn a commission for doing so. This is no different.

If you’re not making enough money to fuel your lifestyle right now and you’re on social media every day, you have no more excuses. You simply have to change how you manage your time while online. Personally, I’d rather use my time on social media to make money than make friends. If I make enough money I’ll have enough friends.

I’ll warn you, though: In this video, I go off on lazy people and the opportunity to make money that exists in America. It’s not PC. It’s not refined. It’s my personal view of people complaining out there who can easily do something like being a sales broker but instead, they choose to bitch and complain.

Enjoy the video. Do what you learn. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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