Making Massive Impact With Your Finances Part II: Bobby Castro, Serial Entrepreneur | THC 288

Posted on December 22, 2022

Ryan Stewman



It would be nice to save money on your taxes-especially if you’re increasing the money on your investments. There are different approaches and strategies that people claim work, Bobby Castro has a method he wants to share on how he has been building his real estate without even having to be a licensed realtor. 

Bobby Castro is a Serial Entrepreneur, Husband, Coach, and Investor.  Bobby started his journey of becoming one of the Elite after leaving school after the ninth grade. He has generated over $175 Million on his Real Estate portfolio, and by closing on a $1 Billion exit sale. Bobby is a true hustler and a man who is dedicated to his values. 

With over 25 years of Real Estate experience Bobby speaks about his upbringings in his business and how he made nothing turn into a multi- million dollar business. Before getting into Single Family homes, Bobby hit a wall by taking on his first 5 apartments which led him to learn along the way. The fundamentals are there and the process needs to be trusted- which is what Bobby implemented along the way. 

Bobby expands on the process of purchasing and investing in a property and how you can leverage your assets. Ryan and Bobby speak about the factors of becoming financially free, and how you can start at any time.   


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