Making Noise on Social Media Sites [Ryan’s Rants]

Posted on August 10, 2012

Ryan Stewman



So it’s no secret I launched a product called POSTfuser a month or so ago. Since it’s inception, POSTfuser has taken off and created results for our clients. But the single, biggest, objection I run in to, makes absolutely no sense to me.   People say: “Posting 5 times a day is a lot, I don’t want to annoy anyone.”   BULLSHIT!!!   Get your mind out of 2009. You have to constantly be making noise on social media sites if you want to attract talent. Now days, you are lucky if you even make it to the timeline itself. The pre-destined “side bar of doom” sits there, lying wait for you.   Now I know there are a lot of you just now buying in to this whole, “social media = money” idea, but bare with me here. Facebook created the “side bar of doom” to keep spammers from showing up in the news feed i.e. “shoe taggers” So thanks to spammers you now have to post more just to get the same amount of attention. That’s why you have to get up to take a swing every chance you get. [an old baseball reference]   I made this video to air out the mystic of “annoying” people on social media.   As long as you are cool, how can you be annoying?

Making Noise on Social Media Sites

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