Marketing Ballin on a Budget Style

Posted on August 05, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Not everyone can afford to step into the marketing world with top-notch tools. Even buying stuff that is $20 here, and $50 there, adds up quickly. You don’t have to spend millions of dollars to achieve celebrity status in your field of expertise, as long as you have the right message. meme pool  

I see and hear from so many entrepreneurs who are in a state of overwhelm. You’re not sure what camera to buy, what editing software to use, and so on. It’s a classic case of paralysis by analysis. Plus, most people assume videos cost a lot of money to make. People think blogs cost an arm and a leg. While it’s not entirely free for anything, you can get away with a lot of marketing strategies without blowing your budget.

Ballin on a budget is attainable for you. 

First off, if you are still paying for blast emails or random card mailings, stop. The money you are spending to annoy your prospects can be well spent somewhere else. I’m talking about using services like mail chimp, icontact and others, buying a list from them and spamming it. I’m also talking about mailing people post cards for their birthday or the “spring season”. You want to set yourself up to when you reach out to your prospects, they are excited to hear from you. You will never achieve this by doing what every other asshole is doing.  

If you have a list of contacts in email form, that have given you permission to contact them, send them a youtube video asking them to be your friend on facebook. Instead of mailing them and spamming them, you can interact and engage them on facebook. This will allow them to get to know you and become familiar with you.  

Do not go and send a shit ton of friend requests to strangers on facebook. They will block your account, possibly suspend you or delete your page. You want to entice people to connect with you. in the video offer them a coupon, discount or free gift for connecting with you on facebook. I’m talking about a personal facebook page, not a company fan page. Fan pages are for a later post.  

You can make the youtube video right from your smart phone. Remember to turn your phone horizontally when recording. This way the video will fill the whole youtube screen when you upload it. You can make the video in your office, outside or even from home by the pool. The important part of the video is the call to action. “I will give you this, in exchange for you doing that” be clear that you want them to connect on your personal page.  

Last thing to remember is not to spam message your friends on facebook either. Strike up real relationships and show empathy, and you will find yourself with a sea of fresh prospects for little to no money at all. Cha-Ching! Don’t jump right in for the sale. Ask questions so you can find out what your prospects real needs are. Engage them on their posts and get to know them. You will find it’s way easier to close someone after communicating via video and facebook for a few days. Hell, at this point they will feel like your long-lost cuzin or some shit.  

If you want to know easy ways to take your business to the next level, fill out the form below. Only serious people please. I only take money and create results for people who are 1000% willing to do anything it takes to make it. That’s why none of my clients fail. Fill out the form to learn more. 

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