Marketing Funnel Strategies And The Sequence To Follow

Posted on June 19, 2021

Ryan Stewman



When it comes to funnels there are two things you have to have in order to crush it.

The right strategy and the right execution to make massive sales.

The problem is, how do you know what strategies work and how to execute them to bring them life?

After testing hundreds of funnel strategies and execution sequences, I’ve found a handful that work like clockwork every single time.

I’m going to share three of these strategies with you that you can take and implement quickly regardless of the industry you are in. But before I do that, you have to decide whether you’re considering the short-term or the long-term when it comes to your strategy.

So here’s my question for you:

Are you willing to play the long game or just the short game?

See, marketing is like dating and it’s all about building know, like, and trust with your prospective clients. Your funnel works at automating this process so you can spend your time closing deals.

You’ll have some prospects who are ready to do business today, some who will do business with you in the near future, and others who will someday do business with you.

Having strategies for all three of these types of prospects is how you build a sales machine that will serve you for years.

So let’s start with the long game and work our way into the short game in terms of your funnel strategy.

The first thing you need in place for the long game is a funnel that drivers prospective clients to your Facebook group. Your Facebook group serves as the foundation to your “ecosystem” for courting new potential clients. You can continue to add value, build rapport, and create a community of ranting raving fans for your brand. It’s a low risk ask for your prospective clients to join your group so you will be able to easily get people to join.

The more you grow your group size and engagement the more organic leads you will generate. Do the work now to craft a funnel to grow your Facebook group and you’ll be able to eat for a lifetime.

The second thing you need for your mid-game is to create free training for your prospective clients that gives them massive value upfront. Creating a short training series that educates your audience is a great way to build know, like, and trust with them. It positions you as the authority at what you do, gives them a chance to get to know your brand, and let’s you know they are actively looking for a solution to their problem.

Video training funnels work like gangbusters for bringing in quality leads and creates an extremely easy follow-up process to help them move forward. The more value you put into the marketplace the more your bank account will reflect that.

The third thing you need for your short game is to create an offer that drives prospective clients directly to a consultation call. We’ve all seen people do it with “strategy calls” and “discovery calls” which means someone is going to try and sell you something. But here’s what to do differently so you can stand out and have it actually work.

Map out an actual plan, upfront, that they can follow to get their problem solved…even if they don’t hire you. When you do this with the right prospects, they’ll notice you’re actually focused on helping them which leads them to wanting to hire you.

Most coaches, consultants, and sales pros are too afraid to provide that kind of value upfront as it gives the prospect a reason not to hire them.

The truth is, when you provide massive value upfront it actually builds real trust that you aren’t just there to collect their hard earned money.

The other truth is that most people rarely implement what you show them and would much rather hire an expert to do it for them, or at least walk with them as they do it themselves.

Each one of these plays will get you results if you do the work and provide actual value to your prospective clients. Running a balance of the three will not only get you sales today but will set you up for sales in the months and years to come.

As always go get what you’re worth and I’ll see you in the trenches

Until next time,

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