Mastering the Monotony

Posted on December 14, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Life’s all about duality…like how it’s said that “Freedom isn’t free.”

For you to live a life of freedom, at least here in the US, someone else has to sacrifice their time and sometimes their life to ensure you have the right to live, speak, and go where you want.

As far as health goes, to live a life free of significant pain and disease, you have to be willing to put yourself through a physical exercise that ranges from uncomfortable to downright painful sometimes.

The same goes for work. For you to have the freedom of money and time, you often have to give up both at first to pursue THAT American dream as well.

And just because you’re free to pursue it doesn’t mean you’ll find it either…in fact, most fail.

Over the last two decades, I’ve made it my mission to fully understand why most fail and how I could make sure to avoid it.

I also made sure to find the foundation building blocks required to ensure success as I define it.

For me, success is defined as wealth, health, and doing what I want with who I want and when I want. I’ve found it, I live it, and you can too. There is only one main philosophy you have to live by, one thing you measure every decision by, and one habit to adopt to find yourself in the winner’s circle of life.

The only philosophy you must live by is INTEGRITY.


It simply means do what you said when you said you’d do it. If you mess up, make it right…Period.

There are so many reasons to be integrity, and the main one is that when you habituate it, you begin to believe in yourself. That’s right; you simply start to believe your thoughts, words, and actions. When you create new and audacious goals, you believe you have what it takes to accomplish them because you always do what you say.

The one thing you measure every decision by is does your potential choice aligns with who you are and what you believe.

To know, it means you have to understand why you’re here, what you’re core values are, and what you believe your life story is all about. When you can separate yourself from the drama, you’re in and take a 50,000 ft view of your life. You can begin to see if choice A or B is directing you toward YOUR integrity or away from it. This one takes time and experimenting for us all…so give yourself a break if you mess up; as long as you’re living, you have time to correct just about anything.

Finally, there’s only one habit you need to live a life of freedom; however you define it.

You must learn to become a Master of Monotony.

A healthy body, a strong mind, and a successful life are built on repetition. 95% of the activities aren’t glamorous either. When you see a dude with muscles in his forehead, just know it isn’t the sports drink he’s paid to endorse that got him there. It’s years of exercise, day in and day out, that did instead.

Days when he felt like going, days when he didn’t. Days when he was sick, tired, fighting with his ex or partner, and even days when everything came against him to not go.

You know what? He did it anyway because he mastered the monotony. Even though he had a choice, he took it off the table and kept moving toward the promise he made himself.

Quit looking for a shortcut to your dreams. Decide NOW is the time that you’ll pay the full price. Come live with other champions who, just like you, have chosen to live in integrity, understand their purpose here on earth, and refuse to allow their “bitch voice” to win…

Do what’s hard so that you can live easy.

And I’ll see you in the trenches!

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