Maybe a Job In Sales Isn’t For You [Video]

Posted on March 14, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Do you work in sales? Quick, look at your last commission check. How much was it? If it was less than $10k then you might want to consider that sales ain’t for you.
Think about it. You took a job that puts no limit on your income, and you’re not even leveraging it to earn 6 figures annually. 
Most people working in sales don’t ever cross the 6 figure mark. They earn between $5 and 8 thousand per month. Why endure the stress, ridicule, long hours and all that comes along with being in sales for some shitty wages? It makes no fucking sense. Yet, here we are. With an industry full of motherfuckers who don’t belong. 
Warning: This video is most likely going to piss you off. And in a major way. If it gets under your skin, ask yourself why. 
*Link to other video referenced

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