Million Dollar Mindset [Video]

Posted on January 26, 2021

Ryan Stewman



Ever wonder why most natural born Americans never become millionaires, while at the same time immigrants will come over to the USA from nothing and be worth millions in just a few years? The reason why isn’t because American earning opportunities go to foreigners. It’s because the mindset of most Americans has been conditioned to enjoy average.

When a person is mentally confined to their comfort zone, it is impossible for them to chase next level possibilities.

For example, Americans can get food any time they want, have access to clean water, and play video games at an extremely high rate. I’d venture to say that if you offered most Americans shelter, food, video games, internet and weed, most of them would volunteer to live in prison. Americans are conditioned to be comfortable.

Meanwhile, an immigrant that came from nothing, that’s used to nothing, and has no need for nothing, can come here and never be in a comfort zone, because they didn’t come from comfort.

In this video I’ll go over what it takes to truly have a million dollar mindset.

It’s not easy.
It’s not what you think.

Watch the video and find out. Share it with someone you know who needs to see it too.

Million Dollar Mindset

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