10 Things Network Marketers Do That We’re Fed Up With

Posted on December 14, 2015

Ryan Stewman



“Hello sir, do you keep your options open when it comes to earning multiple streams of income?” 

“I don’t”

Everyday the above conversation takes place in my messenger box. People who’ve just joined a mlm, got some old AMWAY prospecting materials and went to work. While I commend the fact that they are taking action, that doesn’t make it any less annoying. 
I run a group on Facebook called “Sales Talk With Sales Pros” and we are over 6,000 members strong. One of the biggest complaints we have is spam from MLM folks. We’ve got dozens of threads with screenshots on how NOT to make a sale. 
I get it, network marketing doesn’t require training, a degree or even previous experience. Anyone with $300 and a pulse can sign up, and in most cases world wide. Anytime the barrier of entry is low, the tactics people use are low too. That’s not to say that ALL MLM people are bad, it’s just that most of them are. 
Being in sales like I am, I’m considered a whale for an average network marketer to recruit me. I get hit up every damn day. In some cases I swear they are using a copy and paste script that some Nigerian diamond polisher promoted in an info product. I’ve complied a list of the top 10 things we want network marketers to STOP doing to us. 


10 Things network marketers do online that we’re fed up with – we’re sick of it

1: Facebook Spamming
One of the first rules of selling is to bond with your prospect up front. Ask them about their day, how they are doing, etc… I don’t recall ever seeing a sale close from someone going “I sell berry juice now, it’s great, you should buy it. Here’s my link” I’m not sure how many 1000s of these messages I’ve received over the years, but I assure you it’s a lot. Yet I’ve never once clicked a link.
Before a sale can be closed, it has to be earned. People don’t buy from apathetic salesmen. They buy from people they know, like and trust. Stop spamming people and learn to bond and sell people. It’s way better long term and more effective for team building.
2: Inviting us over for dinner only to pitch your product
You run into an old friend you haven’t seen in forever. Better yet, they just found  you on Facebook and reached out. They talk about catching up and invite you over for dinner. You show up thinking everything is cool and they actually remember and missed you.
Only to find out it’s a set up. They’ve just invited you to be the recipient of future leftovers and a side of “here why you should join our team”. Now, you feel betrayed, used, and suspicious of what kind of supplements they may have slipped in your drink. Don’t pretend you like us only to sell us stuff. It’s only a matter of time before word gets out.
3: Trying to introduce us to your sponsor
“But look, if you’ll just give me 5 mins to call my upline, they’ll gladly explain it all to you” We only asked you the hard questions so you’d leave us alone. The last thing we want to do is get on the phone with some certified closer who’s gonna pester the piss out of us, until we sign up.
We heard your pitch, we know what you sell, we don’t need a second person to swoop in and take our hard earned money. We get it, you fell for it. It sucks. That don’t mean we’re in it with you. Sorry about your luck.
4: No we don’t want to go to a home meeting
The last thing I want to do on a Thursday night, after work, is go sit on your 10 year old, food stained couch, 3 deep, listening to you beg me for money for an hour. I’m a f@ckin man, I don’t care about exfoliating my face. Even if I should, I still don’t. 
What’s worse, is these meetings are never across the street. They are always 40 mins away. “Hey come see me in Oklahoma on Thursday in my musty a$$ house”. You end up spending 3 hours of your day, just to hear a sales pitch. Fool me once, shame on me, but twice and I’m bashing someone’s head in. 
5: This is a ground level deal
Two years ago, I had a guy pitch Herbalife to me. He was telling me I was on the ground floor, just getting started, opportunity. Just getting started? Herbalife has been around for decades. Just because he hadn’t heard of it and fell for it, didn’t mean I was. When I explained this to him he said “I’m gonna go speak with my sponsor”.
Isn’t it funny how the MLM person pitching with this strategy feels like it has to be brand new to work? It’s like subconsciously they know it’s a sh!tty opportunity and the only way it will work is to be “in” first. 
6: Spamming distributor links in social media groups
“Wanna make $200 – $500 per week working from home? Click my link and sign up” This BS not only pisses group admins like myself off, it pisses entire groups off too. One of the most tedious parts of managing STWSP is deleting MLM spam and kicking them out.
Simply spamming a link in a Facebook group is the go to marketing tactic of many MLMrs. I saw a group yesterday that one person had spammed a link in over 2000. Each time it was nothing more than a copy and pasted sentence with the distributor link. Adding no value to the group what so ever. Just trying to be a taker. 
7: Spamming distributor links on comments
The spam doesn’t end with just Facebook groups. If you have a fan page you can just go ahead and expect to get spammed at some point. You make a post, they drop their valueless links on your posts in the comments. MLM folks love interrupting your post to draw attention to their opportunity.
Imagine being in a room, talking to one person about having a headache and some MLM dude comes in and interrupts you saying “no more headache buy Amway” and keeps on walking by. You and your friend would think that person was weird as hell. There’s no way you’d buy from them. Yet MLM peeps think this is okay online. 
8: Only posting/talking about your opportunity
It’s as if a person joins a MLM and forgets that anything else exists. When you look at their page, all that’s there is spam links and posts about Keyani or whatever MLM of the hour they are in. It’s as if all of their life history was erased the day they signed up to sell MLM.
Let’s be real. Talking about work is boring, talking about someone else’s job is even more boring. If all you have to talk about is some MLM crap, you’ll run off friends and potential friends, online and off. 
9: Making fun of people who work a 9-5
I hate this the most. You know, your MLM friend who made $500 last month selling Mary Kay, wants to tell everyone how their $50,000 a year, stable job, which pays their bills, is a bad idea. Meanwhile, the people who say this are usually two mortgage payments behind and earning less than welfare recipients do, from their MLM.
You should never make fun of anyone with a job, taking care of their business, and doing their thing. Especially if you don’t have your sh!t together. MLM folks are the worst at this. Broke as hell, making fun of productive people. It’s not cool.
10: Lying to us
Really? Tell me more about how your non FDA approved berry pill cures aids, cancer and ED. It’s amazing that in 2015, with the entire planet being mapped, they never found this berry before, even though your pamphlet says it’s over a 400 year old secret. Who’s been hiding a fruit like a refugee for generations? 
We’re over it. We don’t believe you. We don’t want your stuff. We’ll continue to rely on information and pills from our Doctor, not the high school video game nerd who never got a real job.
If you sell network marketing items, it’s cool. I’ve personally got nothing against it. Much like anything else with a lot of saturation, there’s a lot of annoying mistakes made by the masses. Thanks to social media, there’s a lot of people just spamming, scamming and lying their a$$ off about their network marketing opportunity and we are sick of it.
Lastly, if you’d like to find out what it takes to work with me and my team to take your business to the top level, simply fill out the form below in detail and we will go from there. DO NOT fill out the form if you are not ready to make an investment into your business.


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