THC Podcast 069: 3 Ways To Nitro Charge Your Confidence

Posted on June 24, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Confidence closes sales.

Confidence is the most important part of the salesperson’s persona. If you are not confident in yourself/product, it is unlikely that your prospect is going to be confident in you and your product either.

We are living in a world filled with people who are unsure and scared to make decisions. Your confidence in yourself/product is the money maker.

Having confidence is something you can’t fake so in this THC Podcast episode, Mr. Ryan Stewman is going to share with you three ways you can nitro charge your confidence so you can start closing more today.

Here is a quick taste of what you can expect from this episode:

3 Ways To Nitro Charge Your Confidence

1. Daily Mantras

You might laugh at this one but believe me when I tell you, it works…

Start each day out with a consistent positive message and it will set you up to have a kick ass day.

Having the right mindset is an important element to having confidence.

In this THC Podcast, Ryan Stewman will share with you his daily mantras so you can easily create your own.

2. Think About Your Wins

Another great way to nitro charge your confidence is to stop dwelling on your defeats and focus only on your wins.

Think of your clients you have helped, the milestones you have met and even the money you have made.

Focusing on your wins will help fire you up, while dwelling on your loss will only bring you down.

Learn direct from Ryan Stewman how he uses his wins to keep his confidence in check so he can have even bigger wins in the future.

3. Use Your Product & Get Personal Results (Get High Off Your Own Supply)

If you are not your own customer you are missing the boat. You gotta get high on your own supply.

Being able to genuinely back up to a prospect the value in your product/service is sharing your satisfaction and experiences with it.

If what you are offering is as bad ass as you say it is, you better be an owner. How could you not be?

Listen to this killer episode and hear how Stewman “gets high off his own supply” and leverages that to increase his confidence on the daily.

Increase Your Confidence You Will Increase Your Net Worth

Your confidence in the solution you provide is what drives prospects to make a decision.

For a lot of us confidence comes naturally and for some, they really have to work to be confident.

Are you confident in your confidence?

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