No Means Maybe and Maybe Means Yes

Posted on April 24, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Tenacity…it’s a lost art in today’s slick, push-button world. You can buy groceries without walking into a store, a car that can be financed and delivered to your front door, and you can even swipe right if your girl doesn’t give more.


I’m going to drop three reasons you should develop a hardcore mindset and how to deploy it in your sales.


Don’t get me wrong, technology is a great thing. Still, too many people have had it easier than ever without really going through the struggle. It reminds me of a spoiled child who’s sitting in a room full of opened Christmas presents, angry because they don’t have anything left to unwrap.


Let me ask you what in life that you really value has ever come easy?


Even funnier, it’s NOTHING to do with actual value..and EVERYTHING to do with our perception of it. One of the TOP ways to shift your perception is learning to become grateful. We don’t always have control of our circumstances, although we eventually can.


One thing we still can control is our attitude.


We can choose to see life as working FOR us instead of to us. Even when everything is falling down around us, we can choose to find at least one positive thing in the situation. If we can’t find it…practicing gratitude will give you the muscle of hope that better days are to come.

No Means Maybe and Maybe Means Yes

Once you begin to find ways to insulate your mind from negativity, your ability to focus on the desired outcome becomes stronger. That positive energy will literally start to propel you toward your goals, just like a racehorse with blinders on.


What once seemed hard or even scarred you becomes a personal challenge to overcome. You instinctually will begin to search out in others for positive, grateful energy, and begin to repel anything else. Your FOCUS begins to lock in on what gets you to your goals.


That focus that’s working for you now leads to unique insights into ways to accomplish your goals. You begin to communicate with others from a position of power and authority. Not from cockiness, instead of from confidence of knowing you are ACTUALLY bearing the fruits of your efforts. You also begin to become naturally willing to offer value FIRST, rather than require it first.


I challenge you to think of one person on earth who continually offers more value than they ask for in return who ISN’T highly regarded.


So, think about it:


A positive mind…that’s highly focused…on giving value.


That’s the mindset of a champion! All that’s left is to continuously find ways to be about it instead of just talking about it. So often, we try to convince others and end up with “no” for an answer. As good salespeople, we follow up, again and again, right? Not really.


The average salesperson quits following up after the third “no.” The fear of rejection, the self-doubt, the lack of focus, and the inability to provide enough value to help a “no” become a “maybe.” It becomes too difficult to give anyone else our full attention because we never gave it to ourselves first.


You see, you never really know when someone else buys into you. We make so many assumptions and take so many shortcuts because all of life seems to try to make everything easy. If you want what’s easy, you’re going to have to do what’s hard…until hard…becomes easy too.


The tenacity, or willingness to continue on in the face of adversity isn’t for the weak of heart…knowing the Code of Greatness is THE path to get there the quickest. Come take our free challenge and see if you have what it takes:

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