Objections are Really Buying Signals

Posted on January 14, 2021

Ryan Stewman



Many salespeople cringe when they hear an objection, but that feeling needs to be flipped. If you are a salesperson who wants sales calls free of difficult questions, then you should sell cups of ice water in the desert. If you were simply an order-taker, then you would not experience the challenges of selling.

You need to see objectives positively.

An objection is really a signal of a buyer. The prospect is disclosing to you a reason that is preventing them from buying, and if solved, they now have a clear path to move forward. If they were truly not interested in what you offer, or incapable of buying it, then you wouldn’t even hear an objection. The prospect would most likely end the conversation.

The number of objections you meet on a daily basis in your particular marketplace tends to indicate the amount of value & prestige that is assigned to your position. In a general sense, salespersons are rewarded for the amount of difficulty that goes along with the problem that they are solving. Going back to the selling water in the desert example, there are no objections to overcome, so there is very little skill involved in making that sale. In comparison to a sales pro in a field that requires a high financial commitment, or a product that requires more consideration, will be better compensated. Where would you prefer to be on the commission ladder? Would you rather be on the high end, answering numerous objections throughout your day, or on the bottom, facing little to no adversity?

The best way to overcome objections is to eliminate them from the sale throughout the process


In Your Marketing: Your offer should attract your ideal client – generate an avatar of the perfect fit for your offer

During Your Qualifying Questionnaire: Your information gathering should funnel prospects into the product or plan that fits their needs and budget. Find the benefit they need the most. If at all possible, add more options in what you sell to address a wide range of client budgets and needs.

During Pitch: Your presentation should highlight the benefits of your product that were the most important to your lead.

When It’s Time to Overcome Objections: Your goal in overcoming any objections is not to try to convince your prospect that they are wrong. Rather, this is the chance to isolate the reason for the objection. This could be a time to educate your consumer, or maybe there is a misunderstanding at some point in your presentation. But after you isolate the objection, get a commitment that if you can solve the problem, they are ready to move forward.

You should be optimistic when you are faced with an objection or tough question. You should see this objection as an indicator that you are moving in the right direction. When a prospect voices his or her concern over a certain aspect of your product or service, this is now a chance for you to redirect your sales presentation.

Objections also give you the opportunity to hone your sales skills.

The more objections that you face and successfully conquer, the better salesperson you become. Unless the prospect’s objections completely destroy your product’s benefits, properly overcoming the objection gives you the best chance at closing the sale.

While objections obviously present salespeople with barriers to actually finalizing transactions, viewing these objections and tough questions in a positive light can only help you make more sales. As you start to notice patterns in the ways prospects present their objections as well as the consistent themes in these objections, you will be able to almost predict what kinds of objections your prospects will present. You’ll learn how to ask questions that help you flush them out or even eliminate them.

So when you feel that objection coming up, get excited! That’s when the real selling begins.

Remember to keep it simple. #thisaintrocketsurgey

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