Overcoming The “Let Me Talk To My Partner” Objection In Three Steps

Posted on August 06, 2015

Ryan Stewman



If there’s one objection I think salesmen get the most, it’s “Let me talk to my partner.” It’s almost as bad as being put in the friend zone with a chick you dig. I don’t know a single salesman possessing 12 months or more experience, who’s not had this zinger thrown at them at least once.

What Can You Do to Close Over the “Talk to My Partner” Objection?

It’s a question I get every time I do a Q&A. It also comes up in my Sales Talk With Sales Pros group often. As you know, every sales situation is unique. What works in one scenario may not work in the next. Sales is a fluid practice of daily adaptation.

The main problem with this objection is that it usually comes out of nowhere from people who don’t need to talk to anyone. It’s simply a stall tactic from a person who’s afraid to make a decision OR who thinks your sales game is weak.

The sooner you start looking at ALL objections like this, the faster your paychecks will grow. Every great salesman knows that removing as many emotions as you can out of the process is the key. The more you can respond to objections and stall tactics on mental autopilot, the more sales you’ll make.

Getting Emotionally Wrapped Up in Objections Kills Your Sales Game

Prospects often resort to throwing the “Let me ask my partner” objection as the last-ditch effort to blame someone other than themselves for trying to get out of the deal. While this is not always the case, it’s the case more often than not. The best way to close over this objection is to take the wind out of their sails as soon as you can.

Here’s how I handle the partner objection immediately. It’s better to blow a sale five minutes in than to spend hours with someone only to find out they weren’t serious about buying anyway. I like to know what I’m dealing with BEFORE I get on the phone or meet someone.

Step #1:

Ask before they get on the call if there will be another decision maker involved. Let them know this is a serious decision to be made and if they have a partner, spouse, boss, or assistant who needs to hear it, get that addressed up front. I get real businesslike and say, “If we are going to talk serious business, let’s get serious. Is there anyone else you’ll need to consult in our meeting in order to make a yes or no decision?”

Asking up front is fun for us salespeople because when that prospect says, “Well, I have a partner, but he can’t make it. I’ll relay the info to him.” You can ask them, “Are you authorized by your partner to make a decision or do you need their blessing?” If they need the blessing, suggest scheduling another time with them both, so no one has to repeat the time spent.

Step #2:

Offer to get on the phone, too and answer their partner’s questions just like you did for them. Sometimes they’ll tell you they don’t have a partner and then throw one at you outta nowhere. You know how it is, buyers are liars. When they bring this up on you, don’t get mad or try and point out that they lied. That’s ego, not sales.

If this happens to you, simply look directly at them and say “Great, we can call them now and since I’m right here, I’ll answer all of their questions for you.” At that point, you’ll usually find out if they are time-wasting tire kickers or serious. I’ve had plenty of people get on the phone right in front of me and hand it off to me.

Step #3:

Give it to them straight. If they insist on leaving to talk to their partner, that’s when you know there’s a 99 percent chance of them turning into a ghost. Here’s what I say to them when this happens, “I’ll just shoot you straight. If you’re serious and YOU think this is what the best decision is, you need to make it. Your partner is not here. They didn’t get the experience or have the same desires as you. All they are going to do is talk you out of it. I see it happen all the time. Let me help you get what you want by making a decision today.” It’s hard to argue with that.

The one thing many salesmen lack is brutal honesty. The more you can address issues up front the less issues you’ll have on the close. No matter who they are, prospects appreciate a confident salesman who isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions. Asking hard questions shows you have no fear and that you have all the answers.

Like I said to begin with, all sales scenarios are different. I’ve closed a sale before by saying, “I’m looking at your credit; you’ve made bad decisions all your life, why don’t you make a good one for a change and go with my advice?” It’s a ballsy thing to tell them, but in that moment the dude needed to hear it.

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