Why You Owe it to Your Prospects to Overcome Every Objection They Throw at You

Posted on February 24, 2014

Ryan Stewman



Are you a coward when it comes to closing? Why? What gives you the right to give up on your prospects? You’re supposed to be in sales for all the right reasons. If you’re not, get out.    

The most effective salesmen are 100% convinced their product solves their client’s big ass problem. When these convicted salesmen are on the phone or in person, they will ruthlessly sell over every lame excuse a prospect has. Know why? They love their prospects enough to want to help them more than they want to help themselves.  

You might ask “How can someone love a client when clients are usually strangers?”

  In order to answer this, let’s go deep. Real deep. You ready? We humans are greedy by nature. It’s born into us. From birth we want more and we hoard. We want more air, food and water. As we grow up, we horde toys and as we become adults we hoard emotions. We’re naturally greedy. I don’t give a fuck what you try to argue, it’s true.  

We have a natural tendency to be greedy with love and only keep it for ourselves or someone we are highly selective of. Our parents teach us to not fall in love with just anyone. Most of the time growing up when we felt love, others around us told us “it’s only puppy love.” or “you’re too young to fall in love” which leads us to hoard our love out of greed and oppression.  

fb heartThis spills over into our work life as well. Many of you probably don’t have a clue who EXACTLY your perfect customer even is. Let alone, love them. Allow me to help you get a quick idea of what you should do to identify who you need to give your love to.  

We have an idea of our dream girl, dream job, dream vacation. Why don’t most of you have a clear idea of your dream client. Let me tell ya, life gets so much better when you know exactly who it is you can love.  

Step one Think of the last 5 customers that absolutely loved what you sold them. What did all 5 of them have in common? Take note.  

Step two Think of the last 5 customers that YOU absolutely loved selling to. What did they all have in common? Take note.  

Step three Think of the last 5 clients you closed that you hated. What did they have in common? Take note and stop selling to those type of people.  

Step four Take the commonalities of those top 10 clients and write it down. Write why they were so great, and what made the transaction so rewarding for all parties involved. Describe this person to a T as if you were designing this person from scratch. Personality, age, race, religion, family everything needs to be described. The better the description, the clearer the idea of your perfect customer.  

Step five Go sell those people your shit!!!!!!!!!   By the way, now that you’ve recalled 10 past clients you loved, call those fuckers and ask them do they know anyone just like them who could use your help. You can thank me for that later.  

When you’re in love with someone you will go the distance for them. If you’re in a serious committed relationship right now, you overcome objections with your significant other like a fucking pro. Why not your clients? It’s because you’re scared. You’re scared they will leave you and not buy. Meanwhile you’re not worried about your spouse leaving you.  

All because of love. But Snap the fuck out of it. I’m not trying to write some lubby dubby bullshit. I’m talking about manly, hero, rescue love.  

Let me give you an example. Sean Matheis sells my big ticket programs. When he gets on the phone with a prospect he knows that if they will take action their income will go from $50k a year to $100k+ with no doubt as long as they take action. He’s seen it happen in his own life and he knows the power.  

There’s nothing a prospect can say to Sean short of “NO” that he won’t push hard for. He loves these people. Know why? He is one of them!!! He’s seen his quality of life and the quality of life for EVERY SINGLE ONE of our Closers improve drastically too.

Any bells going off here?

If you hate the people you sell to, quit your job. It’s not worth it and it won’t make you big money in the long run. At least in most cases. Maybe you should take the time to design the perfect person to sell the perfect product too. Just brainstorming here.  

If you’re going to take people’s money in exchange for goods or services you owe it to them to deliver. If you know they need what you have worse than they know, it’s your duty to stay right here, right now with them and go toe to toe.  

Just like when you argue with your spouse and you stay in the fight. You don’t let the other side win. You’re convinced what you have is right. When you show up in that way for your prospects THEY WILL BUY FROM YOU. Over and over again because you have overcome every objection.  

One of the coolest ways to learn all of this and put it into action is my Facebook Syndicate training program.  You can opt in and get 5 free videos for free that will get your thinking up in regards to perfect customers and overcoming their objections. The link is around here somewhere.  Look around. You’re my perfect customer. Thanks for reading…

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