I’m looking to partner up with a few business owners who need sales funnels, follow up systems and sales team enhancements. I’m not looking to work with broke people, struggling businesses, or underfunded start ups. It’s not that I can’t help people in these situations, it’s just that my goal is to enhance already established businesses. As you can imagine, advertising costs money. Struggling businesses rarely have the money to advertise. I’m just getting the truth out of the way up front.

The ideal partner for me to work with, is someone who owns an existing growing business, but needs help with marketing, advertising and sales training for their employees.  

Industries of expertise:

Real Estate



Automotive Sales





Continuity Programs

Merchant Services



Simply fill out the form below and I’ll set up a time to speak with you on the phone. We will have a brief conversation. From there, we’ll discuss your next steps. No sales pitch. No gimmicks. I’m just looking to expand my portfolio and services. 


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