People Will Come From A 1000 Miles Away To Watch You Burn

Posted on July 07, 2020

Ryan Stewman



When you’re HOT, you’re hot…and when you’re lit and running around on fire, people will happily pay to watch you burn.


People will just as quickly pay to watch you burn your house down, so not ALL fire is a good fire. How do you catch fire, and what the hell do you do once you’re lit to stay on fire?

More importantly, once the smoke has cleared…how can you guarantee it was worth all the damn effort?


These are all questions I see in my client’s “air-bubble” thoughts when we have strategy calls. They are questions from my retail clients, my wife, children, and friends.


Even though they don’t always know these are the questions, you might not be thinking these exact questions…but I promise if you’re reading this…


THESE are the questions you need to answer because they’ll determine the quality of your life over the long haul.

People Will Come From A 1000 Miles Away To Watch You Burn

Catching fire isn’t quite as easy as some people suggest, although it is simple. The challenge is that we have too many distractions today. Most people I know can’t sit still long enough to have an original thought.


Being bombarded by social media, work distractions, and family drama, we live in a world that is intent on keeping you plugged into the system and following the herd.


See, knowing that we’re all community-based gives our enemy the upper hand. Most of us look to justify our beliefs by finding others who agree with us.


It doesn’t take much to flip the script and have the enemy create a narrative that gains momentum through “rallying around a cause.”


Catching fire often requires us to move away from the herd. To take time to self-isolate and reflect on who we are, what we believe, and what we REALLY want.


Most people in this world can’t make a decision because they don’t invest any time in what they really want.


Catching fire is a lot like making a batch of cookies. Follow me here, would you invest time on social media telling everyone how good your friend’s store-bought pre-made cookie dough is?


Would you wax on about the 9 minutes and 22 seconds it took to make the perfect Tollhouse cookie? I seriously doubt it.


On the other hand, if your friend took the time to handcraft each ingredient, time it right, and create a repeatable process, you might be willing to tell a few people about it.


Too many people are “baking” store-bought cookies and wonder why their shit doesn’t sell.

It doesn’t sell because it isn’t YOURS…

If you want to catch fire…you MUST be YOU! To be you, YOU have to get to know yourself. Learn your strengths and weaknesses. Quit judging yourself for where you lack, and for God’s sake, take credit for your uniqueness.


This is where you’ll begin to smolder…and with time and repetition, you’ll catch fire.


I’m guessing you don’t want to go through all the work to be a 1 hit wonder, so how do you stay lit? Let me ask you a question. Is there ANYTHING that you have ever fallen in love with doing? Seriously…like you had to be pulled away from it.


Did you notice over time that you looked at the same scenario multiple ways when getting better?


Did you find you’d do the research to learn from others’ experiences?


Did you find, even when dealing with frustration, that you’d do it repeatedly until you found a “system” you could repeat?


Here’s the real kicker…Did you find once you mastered that skill that you moved onward and upward to the next challenge?


This is HOW you keep that fire lit! Continuing to master and refine, you begin to define. You become a torch lighting the path for others to see.

Finally, how can you guarantee in the end that it was all worth it? Aka, living a life without regret?

This is the great question we all have to answer, given a chance.


See, people pay to watch you burn for good or bad. In the end, they won’t give two shits about whether it was good for you or not.


They paid, that’s your reward. So it’s up to you to make sure the juice is worth the squeeze. Building a life of purpose is how you make sure you win no matter what.


Being in purpose, or elite isn’t for the faint of heart. You will be tested, you will struggle, you will be taken to your limits. You’ll also fail at times, lose your way, and probably piss many people off too.


“Damn Kris, tell me how ya really feel!”


Well, it’s true. Patience isn’t garnered with peace. Courage isn’t found on the easy path, and Warriors are not made without a battle.


You want to catch fire, stay lit, and live a life of pure abundance? Be courageous enough to step into who you really are and tell an authentic story.


Tell us a story that is only yours to say. Become a meaningful specific in this world by living a life in purpose, on purpose…and showing us all how winning is done.

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