Permission-Based Selling—The Future Of Sales [Video]

Posted on May 19, 2016

Ryan Stewman



The days of pestering someone into a sale are fading quick. We have the Do Not Call list, the CAN-SPAM Act, the FTC and instant call block on our phones. People don’t like being harassed. People hate being harassed by salespeople. Why on earth would you adopt a sales tactic the prospect hates?
Does cold calling and sales pestering work? Of course they do or clients wouldn’t bite. Are these methods the most efficient use of a salesperson’s time? HELL NO.
Let’s be real. If you could ONLY speak with prospects who wanted you to contact them, you could make more sales. Being a professional mind changer can be exhausting. Again, I’m not saying old school sales harassment doesn’t work—I’m just saying it’s hard work.
Instead, I propose you watch this video and learn about what I call Permission-Based Selling. Once you earn the right to follow up and close, it changes the game for the salesperson and the prospect. You’ll also learn where most salespeople fail to press forward and end up dropping lay down sales.
The most important part of this video takes place toward the end, so make sure you watch the whole thing. And share this with your sales team, fellow salespeople and your friends on social media, too. 


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