Prediction: In 2019 Instagram Will Be the #1 American Social Media Network

Posted on February 24, 2018

Ryan Stewman



Yup! That’s right, I said it. Instagram will pass up Facebook as America’s most beloved social media site in less than a year. It’s already happening. Now first off, I must disclose that I have significant holdings in Facebook stock, and Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook. I think I’m obligated to state that according to the SEC or some shit, so there. Now you know.

The reason I’m making this prediction is simple.

All the signs are there. As much as I love Facebook and have made close to nine figures in income from it, it seems as if it’s all arguing and assholes over there. People are so on edge and so triggered it’s unreal. Conservatives are being blocked, liberals are pissed off, and people are arguing about things that don’t even matter in the grand scheme of things. 
Facebook recently announced it was making a huge shift in how the newsfeed is controlled. It’s the equivalent of the 2008 Google slap. Up until 2016, all the “gurus” including myself were teaching how to organically “hack” the FB newsfeed. The key phrase was “free leads from Facebook” then, mid-2016, there was a shift and everyone started teaching FB ads. Anytime you have a bunch of rookie advertisers on a platform, they are sure to fuck things up for those of us who are pros
With FB making such clear changes, business and fan pages will not be seen in the newsfeed without paying for ads. This means a lot of advertisers are looking for new places to run ads. Just last month, FB announced 1.4 million users dropped off the platform. That number seems astronomical, but you do have to take into consideration there are almost two billion users worldwide on the site. Still, 1.4 million drop-offs and fewer advertisements is a disaster for stockholders like me. 

I don’t expect this trend to reverse anytime soon. 

I say this to show you that while Facebook is declining, Instagram is rising. Instagram single-handedly shut down ALL Snapchat’s momentum and it is now declining. Snapchat has gone from a simple site to send dick pics (so I’m told) to a complicated mess of messages and stories. Meanwhile, Instagram has kept it simple, neat and engaging. 
It’s hard to argue with pictures and Instagram is a site dedicated to pictures. The singular key to effective IG marketing is the stories. Those 15-second videos and pictures you can post, are the most engaging part of the platform. People like real-life glimpses into what you’ve got going on in your life. IG stories drive thousands of dollars in business to my companies every day. 
As more people leave Facebook and Snapchat, they are still looking to be connected but without the drama and complication. IG provides this for the marketplace and for that simple reason, I predict it will be the #1 social media platform in America by next year. 
Instagram is not a small social media site by any means. Over 800 million active users engage with the platform and they are spending more and more time on there each day. Right now, FB has over 2 billion users, YouTube has 1.4 billion as well but IG is the fastest rising of the three and there are no signs of it slowing down. It’s growing daily and will continue to do so. 

If you’re not already on IG for personal or business use, you are missing out.

My Hardcore Closer profile has over 100,000 followers and it only took me two years to build those numbers. It took me 10 years to get to 175,000 on Facebook. My average post on FB gets 100 likes. My average post on IG gets over 2,000 likes. There’s literally no comparison when it comes to engagement
The key is to use the method I teach called “whip effect” on your IG picture/videos posts as well as in the IG stories. Essentially, the whip effect translates into an 80/20 rule for posts. Meaning, 80% of your posts need to be for the benefit of your audience and 20% needs to be an advertisement for them to do business with you. This process works well on all social media sites but right now, it’s the most effective and engaging strategy for IG. 
IG is the future of social media and you need to make sure you don’t show up late to the party. Many people missed the good old days of printing money on Facebook, but you have an opportunity to cash in on IG while it’s still young, under one billion users and new to advertisements. For more information on how to crush sales on IG, join our mastermind “Entourage” at We offer tons of quality training on making big money from your IG account. 
Finally, the best part of IG is that it’s where all the celebrities actually hang out and interact. And in most cases, it’s the actual celebrity doing the posting, unlike FB where a social media manager runs the page. If all the celebrities think IG is cool, and use it to promote themselves and their massive followings, you should too. 

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