Prescribing Your Products To Prospects

Posted on October 03, 2015

Ryan Stewman



How often do you get into a sales conversation and not close? It’s been my experience that often times, with an ethical salesman, lack of closing comes from lack of ability to fill the need of the prospect with your products or services. Prescription
When I first got started, I suffered from this. It would never fail either. I’d have products for organically marketing on Facebook, and some prospects would want to know more about how to run ads. So over time, I created one product after another.
When I’d lose enough sales due to not having what the prospects were looking for, I’d go into the lab and create what they needed and circle back around and sell it to them. I’ve been doing this over and over for a little longer than 5 years now.

I’ve now arrived at a point where I rarely miss a sale.

I’ve got my marketing and products so dialed in that I can read someone’s lead inquiry and almost immediately tell what program they need. I’ve got a personal, complex, mental, algorithm that I’m going through in my head with every sales convo I have.
To be clear, sales conversations take place on the phone, via email, and via text message an anywhere else you can exchange words. I’m constantly selling over Facebook messenger, email, text and phone. It allows me to have multiple sales conversations at once.

All I’m trying to do in any of those sales convos is prescribe the prospect with the proper product.

When a person has a problem and they go and see a doctor, the doctor has an arsenal of medicines and shots he can give that person, that will help them, depending on their needs. All the doctor has to do is listen to the symptoms and prescribe the right medicine.
I’ve set up my online consulting business the same way. When I’m in a sales convo, all I’m looking to do is diagnose the prospect properly, then prescribe them the most applicable product that will solve their needs.
On each call there are several factors that I’m considering when I’m closing the sale. Let me lay them out for you:
#1 The prospect’s budget: When a person fills out my lead application, one of the questions is how much production or monthly income they have. This gives me some sort of an idea on what they can afford before I get in the conversation with them.
If they earn less than $10,000 in a month, I know they are not a good candidate to personally retain me, but can find use and benefit in my digital products. Being able to help people with a lower budget is why I created the digital products to begin with.
#2 How much time they have on their hands: If the prospect is super busy, the last thing I want to do is wear them down with more shit to do that takes up their time and interrupts their schedule. Busy is never an indicator of production. Never ever ever in sales, confuse the two.
#3 If they are an action taker: I don’t want to sell anyone anything that they won’t benefit from. If a person won’t take action, there is no way they can benefit from anything I sell. If the prospect puts excuses and the likes in their application, I’d just rather not sell them anything, than take their money and them not get results.
#4 Are they cool: In my business, people will buy my sh!t, copy my sh!t, try to pass my sh!t off as theirs and then make money from my sh!t by lying. It’s annoying to say the least. This means I have to screen each person and rate them on a scale of shady to cool. I’m not always right when I score it.
There are a few others, but these four main factors come into play on every single sales conversation I have. I’ve got multiple products and the ability to do a la cart programs as well. With products from $27 to $21,000 and more, I’ve got a solution for anyone on any budget.
If you’d like to know more about my products and programs simply go here and take a look at what all I offer. If you’d prefer to fill out the form below, I’ll read your information and make a suggestion to you accordingly. Either way, I’ve most likely got a program that will help you in more ways than one.

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